Customisation on a Budget: Personalising LED Delivery Boxes in the UAE

Personalising LED delivery boxes in the UAE is a creative and effective way to make your delivery service stand out and enhance your brand visibility. BikeKit, an established name in the manufacture of delivery boxes and bags, did just that. In 2018. Today after five years, it is continuing to focus on the requirements of the Last Mile Delivery segment with its varied products and services. Here is how it started for BikeKit LED budget delivery bags.


The delivery solutions, rider wellness, and rider safety verticals are all covered by BikeKit's practical solutions. Delivery Solutions has a range of delivery boxes and bags that cater to various industries in the B2B space such as food, medicines, and grocery. Since BikeKit does thorough research to study the market and understand the preferences and expectations of the target audience in the UAE, it learned that a less expensive alternative to LED delivery bags was the need of the hour. Hence, it decided to launch LED budget delivery bags.

LED budget delivery box

BikeKit’s LED budget delivery box is a prime example of innovation for Last Mile delivery players. After Covid-19 most companies wanted to consolidate their finances, and the LED Budget box fit right in their scheme of things as they cost less since they are made of one shell. Made from FRP (fibre-reinforced plastic), it is lightweight yet strong and durable.

The concept is to build an ergonomic box with the entire shell fastened on a motorcycle. Its sleek shape and large interior space that measures 44x46x48cm allow the rider to carry several orders at one time thus saving time and energy.

Also, the interiors of the budget delivery box have thermal insulation so that cold and/ or hot foods can be consumed as per choice.

Ace branding tool

The LED budget delivery box, with LED backlit panels, provides 12W of uniform lighting, and it has added a new dimension to marketing and branding. Since the shell can be made according to a company’s specifications of colour and size and can carry logos and contact details on three sides, the box has become a sought-after property by marketing companies. Wherever the biker goes, the box illuminates all the information provided which is read by people. It attracts a lot of attention, making it a successful tool of the trade. The LED lights are durable, energy-efficient, and comply with local regulations.

Delivery and installation

An innovative product, the LED budget delivery box is delivered in a knocked-down condition and requires assembling before use.

After-sales service

Since word has spread thick and fast, BikeKit has appointed global distributors to allay issues faced by customers. The company also has a warranty system and an annual management contract in place to tend to the concerns of its esteemed clients.

Eco-friendly option

Since sustainability is at the heart of the company, it is only natural for them to extend it to their product range, especially when they carry sensitive items such as food, grocery, and medicines. BikeKits’ unique products are carefully designed by experts in Dubai who use only recycled material, unlike other common boxes or bags that are made from inferior material.

It will be a good idea to remember that personalising LED delivery boxes is a big step towards enhancing the overall customer experience. BikeKit’s LED boxes align with its brand message and provide a memorable and positive impression to your customers in the UAE.

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