Why Us

Bikekit envisions itself to become a preferred global supplier for many Last Mile Delivery companies which are operating in different parts of the world. While we fully understand that we compete with many suppliers based locally & out of different Asian countries, however, we bring some solid differentiating aspects on the table to consider:


We can be your single point of contact for many products like Boxes, Bags, Rider Uniforms and Safety Gear. This would save you from the hassle of contacting multiple suppliers, wasting time & effort on negotiation and getting mired into logistical challenges. We promise to provide you great products with exceptional quality at reasonable prices.


Our product line-up consisting of modular boxes which can be plain, or equipped with backlit LED light or even LED screen are unique. The ‘patent pending’ product is not only a market disrupter but also a huge cost saver.


BikeKit designs all its products in UAE, which are then manufactured through ‘contract manufacturing’ by our chosen suppliers. We remain committed to deliver the best expertise, great customer service and wide range of product choices to our customers.


We take pride in understanding the customized requirements which our customers have, do a thorough R&D on the same (if required) & deliver the appropriate suitable solution in the shortest possible time.


Being based in Dubai, we are lucky to have a multi-lingual team, which ensures that there is very less room for any communication gap & thus, we can understand each other clearly in order to deliver what you need.


Our product comes with warranty & AMC offerings. We are also conscious of the fact that offering warranties while doing sales is easier, however, challenges arise in honoring them. To ensure a world class after sales-service support to our customers, we are in the process of appointing distributors in different geographies. Till then, we remain committed to offering the best support from our headquarters in Dubai.

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