Rider Wellness

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Rider Wellness

A typical day for a delivery boy is generally 10-12 Hrs long or maybe more. It’s obvious that many factors like job pressure, road conditions, demanding customers, socio-economic conditions etc. create lot of stress on these people. Under such situations, a person driving a bike may cause danger to himself or to other road users. A preventive step in the form of ‘Wellness’ would probably be the right solution to this issue.

Our concept ‘HealthWin®’ is a path breaking solution. We have something called ‘Rider Readiness.’ By processing heart beat data generated from a wrist band or a heart belt, into a patented software we can check a person’s stress levels and simply determine if he or she is fit to start their day! Apart from this, our system can monitor the person’s heartbeat on a continuous basis & flag anything unusual.

'Rider’s Well-Being is equally important.'

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