About Us

Behind the Scenes.

BikeKit™ is a company specializing in all bike related products especially focused on the delivery & logistics market, be it food delivery, product delivery or couriers. Our focus is two pronged, 'Rider Safety' & 'Rider Comfort.' We aim to bring in more than 40 years of experience in the two-wheeler industry and supply our customers with the best products at honest prices.

We have variety of products like Boxes, Bags, Helmets, Rider Safety Kit and Comfort items for the bike riders.We can also make custom designs as per the brand requirement. We assure superb product quality with effective after 'sales-service' support & customer care.

BIke Kit



The LED Boxes are specially manufactured for the brands who are looking for high quality product to delivery food to their customers.

Size: 50x50x50 (CMs)

LED: 40x40x40

Colors: All colors available.


These back packs are suitable for multipurpose use like food delivery, couriers, newspaper delivery etc.

Size: 44x48x40 (CMs)

Colors & Size: Customized as per brand requirement


The Safety of the bike riders is of utmost importance & should not be compromised. We at BikeKit™ offer a variety of products like helmets, gloves, shoes, elbow pads and knee pads. These safety gears becomes a necessity in high speed driving environments.

'Be Safe, Drive Safe.'


The daily routine of a bike rider is very strenuous & stressful. A day can be very long irrespective of the weather conditions! While we can't provide them an Air Conditioner, but our R&D team at BikeKit™ are coming up with unique product line up to take care of the comfort of a rider. We hope the products would be liked by one & all.

Watch This Space!


Every company prefers customized outfits like T-Shirt, Jacket, Caps etc. to be worn by its team members, representing its brand identity to the customer. We at BikeKit™ can deliver superior quality products at honest prices to fulfill this need.

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