Delivery Solutions

BikeKit® offers a range of products such as Budget Delivery Box, LED Premium Delivery Box, Plain Delivery Box, LED Bag, and Plain Delivery Bag. Some of these are also integrated with IoT technology to make them SMART!

Delivery Boxes

We have LED Premium Backlight Boxes & Plain Boxes. Available in different sizes & customized as per your color requirement, they are mounted on scooters or motorbikes as a permanent fixture. Our product which is ‘UAE Industrial Design’ Approved & ‘Patent Pending’ is special, as the boxes are shipped in a modular format which can be assembled upon receipt.

LED Budget Delivery Box

BikeKit’s ‘Industrial Design’ approved ‘ LED Budget Box,’ is a revolutionary product for Last Mile delivery players. As most of the companies are in a continuous expansion & growth spree, it becomes important for them to optimize their investments. BikeKit’s budget box are made as one shell & uses the backlit LED panel for branding. […]

Plain Delivery Box

These boxes do miss the advantage of LED Panel lighting, however, they are budget friendly & can be used for food delivery, couriers, newspaper delivery, etc.

LED Premium Delivery Box

World’s first semi-knocked down or modular backlit LED boxes, is a ‘Patent Pending’ & ‘UAE Industrial Design’ approved product. The boxes serve the dual purpose of being used for doing deliveries & also enhancing brand visibility.

Delivery Bags

These delivery bags are backpacks that are carried on the shoulders by a rider. We can tailor-make the bags as per the brand’s requirement for size, color, specifications, etc.

Plain Delivery Bag

This is the most affordable & budget friendly delivery product offered by BikeKit®. The delivery backpacks are made with high grade quality raw material with excellent stitching quality. The Plain Delivery bags have heavy-duty back straps and excellent back cushioning to provide amazing comfort to the rider.

LED Delivery Bag

A super innovation done by BikeKit®! We have custom manufactured the LED Panel (IP 65 rated) to be used in the bag. It gives excellent marketing & branding opportunities. The LED can either be connected to the bike battery or with a customized power bank provided by us.

Optional Delivery Enhancements

You can either add a cooling module or a heating module to the boxes & bags.

  • Cooling module

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