How Jovi, one of the upcoming ‘Last Mile Delivery’ players in Pakistan, is making a huge splash & growing rapidly with superb brand recall, by using LED Delivery boxes

Jovi, a start-up in Pakistan, was looking at some innovative ways to establish itself amongst its target customers. Since the company is in Last Mile Delivery space, so it was obvious for it to use a Delivery Box or a delivery bag to carry out the deliveries on motorbikes. It wanted to use a product that can give it a first mover advantage in the market & leave its competitors far behind.

What is the use case about? How can a start-up enhance its brand presence & achieve a significant brand recall to increase its user base.
Who are the stakeholders / parties involved? Client: Jovi
Solution Provider: BikeKit
Trigger Differentiate itself from the competition & do something unique that can give it a first mover advantage.
What are the Pre-Conditions?
  1. They wanted their brand ‘Jovi’ to stand-out & look ‘wow’ on the delivery boxes.
  2. The quality of boxes should be superb & not like the cheap looking fibre boxes.
  3. Save shipping costs, as boxes would be sent from UAE to Pakistan.
What are the complexities that are involved? As such no complexities were involved.
Alternative Solution Available
  1. FRP boxes
  2. Bikekit’s team understood the complete requirement in detail.
  3. Plain Bags
Flow Of Events
  1. Jovi’s founders reached out to BikeKit & discussed their vision with us, especially how they want to stand-out in the market by having something very different on the motorbikes.
  2. Bikekit’s team understood the complete requirement in detail (as also defined in the pre-condition list).
  3. After the successful creation of the complete solution i.e. LED Delivery Box with Branding of Jovi, it was showcased to the client.
  4. They loved the product & an initial order of 175 boxes was placed in January 2021.
  5. Once these boxes were installed on motorbikes, Jovi’s brand started getting noticed & their user base increased.
  6. The successful delivery of desired results, made Jovi confident of our product & a repeat order for 1000 boxes was placed in October 2021.
  7. Jovi saved a huge amount in shipping costs. BikeKit was able to ship 850 boxes in a modular format in a single 20 GP container, instead of using 4 containers.
Main Success Story The goal of creating a marketing splash with a consistent brand recall, was achieved by Jovi through the use of BikeKit’s LED Panel delivery boxes.

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Products In Use

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    LED Premium Delivery Box

    World’s first semi-knocked down or modular backlit LED boxes, is a ‘Patent Pending’ & ‘UAE Industrial Design’ approved product. The boxes serve the dual purpose of being used for doing deliveries & also enhancing brand visibility.

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