The effect of global warming is clearly visible & in fact, is getting worse with each passing day. The concern is being shared by individuals & companies alike. With the boom in the last mile delivery segment, the issue of carbon footprint & increasing pollution is a matter of concern. While many countries are now promoting the usage of electric vehicles, e-bikes etc. It also becomes imperative for companies like us who are providing products to the delivery companies, to focus on environmental friendliness.

Worldwide, delivery companies are using Boxes or Bags to carry products to the customers. The majority of these boxes are made from FRP material i.e. Fibre Reinforced Plastic, which cannot be recycled & is a bio-hazard for the environment.

We are proud to mention that BikeKit’s flagship product, LED Delivery box, is made from materials that are recyclable. Not only this, our ‘Patent Pending’ product is a modular box, which can be assembled or dismantled as required. Dis-mantling helps in segregating all parts individually & processing them for recycling easily.

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