Maximizing Cost-Efficiency with Budget Delivery Boxes in the UAE

We are living in a time when our business may or may not be doing too well. Natural calamities and epidemics are leading to financial losses and conglomerates are being forced to re-examine their expenditure. After all, there is no harm in saving and being careful while spending, right? BikeKit, a Dubai-based manufacturer set up his business to cater to the Last-Mile Delivery segment. Way back in 2018, it decided to create food delivery bags and boxes of varying shapes and sizes for the B2B industry at large. An astute businessman, Ankit Gupta, realised then that home delivery would be the next big thing, and soon enough in 2020, it did gain gigantic proportions when every product, be it food,  medicines, groceries and documents highly critical for human existence, started to get delivered right at our door steps.

BikeKit’s product portfolio comprises budget delivery boxes, LED delivery boxes, plain delivery boxes, LED bags and plain delivery bags. The budget delivery box, as the name suggests is a little more economical as compared to the rest of the products. Measuring 50 cm x 50 cm, it is deep enough to carry multiple products. A rider can therefore carry a lot of orders and without wasting time going back to an establishment to pick up another order, deliver the orders on time.

Since marketing is an intrinsic part of every business, did you know you can utilize the space on the delivery box? Yes, companies can mention their logos, contact details or tag lines to be recognized and remembered. When a rider is delivering an order, the box is being read by a lot of people who are making a mental note to use it as their marketing tool.  What’s more the box can be made as per specifications of size and colour.

The budget delivery box has a sleek ergonomic design which makes it look stylish on a motorbike. Also is becoming popular with restaurants as its lightweight yet durable since it is made from FRP (fibre-reinforced plastic). In this way, the budget delivery boxes add value to maximise cost efficiency and are a great strategy to keep new and old customers happy and satisfied.

To make it one of a kind, the budget delivery boxes are lined with thermal insulation. Most times, an order comes with an instruction of ‘make the food hot’, BikeKit makes sure that ‘hot food’ is delivered. Being a restaurant owner you can use the same box for hot food delivery as well as cool cakes and ice-creams.

Now restaurant, grocery, and pharmacy owners can get cost-effective solutions with BikeKit’s new range of budget delivery boxes in the UAE. With the budget box, BikeKit has once again created a unique offering that is a viable option for companies looking for economical food delivery options. Hence, the budget box is a must for a successful food delivery season!  

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