Led Delivery Boxes An Innovative Approach towards Food Delivery

Ontime food delivery is a critical aspect of any food business in Dubai. Whether you deliver a pizza or a meal tray, ensuring that the meal reaches your customer hot, fresh and tasty is very important. To offer the utmost quality customer services, most of the restaurants and food delivery businesses have started paying special attention to their delivery system.

Thanks to the modern LED Delivery boxes, delivering food in freshly prepared conditions is easier than before. But, are the uses of a delivery box limited to delivering fresh and hot food to the customer or there is more to it. Especially when you are using delivery boxes with LED effects. These boxes are advanced, a little expensive than the common boxes but this extra cost is just an investment that brings you great returns.

Wondering what all benefits can you reap from the LED Lighting delivery boxes? Read below to find the many uses of delivery boxes with the LED feature.

Benefits of LED Delivery Boxes

Investing in delivery boxes with LED lights is useful in a number of ways. They are an asset to your company that allows you to offer food delivery services par satisfaction and


Yes, one of the biggest benefits of LED Delivery boxes is that they have enough space on all three visible sides, allowing you to advertise your business. As a concerned food business, your constant efforts are directed towards expanding and attracting more and more customers. With LED Delivery box you get a chance to let the potential customers know about your existence. The three visible sides can be used to offer a small advertisement about your business or maybe your contact details. In simple fact, let all know that you are the one people are ordering from, as your food delivery bike moves on the streets, delivering tasty food.

Create Awareness

Launching a discount or offer and want your customers to know about it? Well, led boxes allow you to do that. Just like an advertisement, you can use the box space to flash the new discounts and offers in your restaurant. The customers or potential customers will be lured to order food from you when they look at the box and see the discounts.

Why LED boxes?

The LED box is an added advantage for businesses. Not only the LED lighting makes the delivery boxes more alluring but they also make the message visible in dark. The bright LED light makes reading the message written on the box easy to read and thus enhance your communication with the customer. Moreover, the brightness attracts eyeballs, bringing more and more customers to your business.

BikeKit is one of the leading delivery box manufacturers in Dubai. At BikeKit, we provide LED Delivery boxes customized as per clients requirement. LED delivery boxes makes you deliver u not only deliver fresh and hot food but also attract the maximum number of potential customers with a bright message.

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