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BOX (Plain & LED)

We Have 2 Standard Sizes, 50X50 CM & 42X42 CM. However, we can also deliver any customized size or color as per the requirement, provided It meets the MOQ of 500 pieces.

We manufacture both Plain & LED BackLit Boxes.

Our Box is the world’s first LED BackLit box. We use customized, High Quality LED Panels instead of cheaper LED rope lights. The LED Panel ensures uniform lighting, giving your branding or advertising a WOW look!

We manufacture boxes with both waterproof (IP 65 rated) LED panels & non-waterproof LED panels.

Yes, we can ship the box anywhere in the world. In fact, as our boxes are modular, meaning, it gets shipped in a folded manner & you can assemble upon receipt. This helps in saving the shipment cost drastically.

Absolutely! Though the food or medicines never come in direct contact with our box, because the same is carried in its own packaging, yet, our boxes are made from material, which is safe for carrying these items.

It’s suggested that the boxes are mounted on motorbikes, e-bikes, or cycles. Because the boxes weigh approximately 10Kg+ , they cannot be carried as backpacks on the shoulders.

Each motorbike, e-bike or a cycle is different & hence having one uniform fixture to mount the box is difficult. We don’t provide standard fitting fixtures. However, we can help customize the fitting rack basis on the requirement & the MOQ.

We provide a 1 year warranty only on the LED panels (on manufacturing defects).

The cost of the box varies depending on the size, color, Plain Or LED, quantity, branding etc. Do Contact Us On +971-58-593-8165 For Further Details.


BikeKit’s cold solution consist of high grade EPS insulation & ice gel (solid bricks). These bricks are often referred to as ‘Phase Change Material’ also. These are customized as per the bag or box size. We don’t recommend the use of any refrigeration solution on bikes, as the same tends to become very expensive & has complications like power supply, refrigerant gas and safety hazards.

The boxes with the cold solution can maintain a temperature between 5 to 8*C for about 10 hours. However, do note, that this is dependent on 2 critical factors, one, the number of ice gel bricks being used & second, the outside temperature.

We recommend the gel pack be refrozen once every 10 hours after use.

No! There will not be any water leakage. However, there will be some moisture residue which gets absorbed by the insulation.


Our delivery bags come in the standard size of 42×42 CM & black color. However, we can customize the size & color for a MOQ of 500 pcs. Our bags are made with 1680D Oxford fabric, high quality stitching, padded straps & back cushion to provide adequate comfort to the rider.

Yes! This is the innovation done by BikeKit’s R&D team. We have custom made the LED panel to fit into the bag. These panels are IP 65 rated & come in standard size of 38×38 CM. We recommend using 1 panel in a bag.

The LED panel provides 2 advantages, one, branding opportunity for companies & second, which is a very critical one, it enhances the safety of the Rider. The LED Panel provides good illumination & provides visibility to other road users from a distance of even 50 Metres.

We have got a customized power bank designed to light up these panels. A fully charged power bank can light up the panel continuously for about 4-5 Hrs.

Cost of the bag starts at 40$ & goes upto 125$ for a bag with LED panel & power bank. For further details, send us a message on WhatsApp .

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