Core Foundation

BikeKit’s core foundation is based on two critical aspects i.e. ETWR & CARES.


We take these as four pillars of our organization:


We take pride in bringing more than 150+ Years of collective team experience & 40 Years of dedicated auto industry experience on the table. These experiences & learnings have helped us design the products specifically for Last Mile Delivery sector, where use of bikes, e-bikes etc. is growing tremendously. We do a thorough research, trials & testings, before launching a product in the market.


Relationships are always built on Trust, especially, the long term ones. However, in many instances this also becomes a chicken & egg story, as till the time, we don’t do business with each other, how will we establish Trust? We at BikeKit assure you, that you will not regret your choice of choosing us as your ‘Preferred & Trusted’ partner.


Customer Service is a very critical aspect for any business to survive & prosper. At BikeKit, we firmly believe that we exist because of our customers, hence, we always follow the principle of ‘under promise & over deliver.’


With Last Mile Delivery sector, still being at an evolution stage, it’s quite obvious that not only each player has a different requirement depending on the market they are present in, but even new requirements are cropping up every now & than. We have built a Range of products & services, keeping in mind these varied requirements & affordability factor.


Having established ETWR as the basic foundation, we want to come across as a brand that ‘CARES.’ We define it as follows:


We are committed in making sure that our products & services, serve the best interests of our customers.


Growth can only happen through meaningful partnerships. Thus, we believe in establishing strong relationships with our suppliers & channel partners.


Most of the time, the Last Mile Delivery is done on a bike by a ‘Rider.’ These people are often referred as the millennial generation, part of the gig economy. BikeKit’s team is working on many innovative products like Rider Safety & Rider Wellness, which can enhance the welfare of these individuals.


No company or individual can remain ignorant about the environment & the damages which has already happened to our ecology. The least, anyone can do, is to stop further deterioration by making some meaningful contributions. We are glad to mention that BikeKit is taking pro-active steps in this direction by making sure that most of its products are recyclable.


With a firm belief in the principle of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,’ meaning, ‘the world is one family,’ it becomes pertinent for us to make sure that we care about the society at large. Our efforts of making recyclable products or contributing to ShareTheMeal program, are small steps in this direction.

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