The Importance of Insulation and Temperature Control in Food Delivery Boxes

We are in a time when the importance of food delivery cannot be stressed enough. Food and beverages are being ordered online or via apps by all age groups and throughout the day and night. Is it any wonder that the category has been declared an essential service by governments around the world which cannot stop at all? In such a scenario, it also becomes the responsibility of restaurants to deliver food and drinks at the right temperature and within a stipulated time so that the customer can enjoy it and order again, because he not only trusts the restaurant but also the system of delivery used, such as food delivery boxes and insulated food delivery boxes, to make the delivery.

This is where BikeKit steps in. A one-stop-shop for everything that will simplify the lives of Last Mile Delivery players, BikeKit works in the verticals of Delivery Solutions, Rider Safety and Rider Wellness. It has to its credit some of the most innovative and practical delivery boxes and bags, and has taken innovation to another level now by creating insulated food delivery boxes for the B2B industry.

It is critical for food delivery boxes and insulated food delivery boxes to comply with quality and safety norms. A restaurant poses a safety risk to a consumer when it serves food that is lukewarm or chilly since it has already broken the fundamental rule that food must be at 140°F or 60°C to prevent the growth of germs. If they had used insulated food delivery boxes, this issue would not have arisen. Therefore to adhere to laws related to the food business and retain your customers, it is a good idea to invest in insulated delivery boxes.

BikeKit has insulated food delivery bags that keep meals cold and hot as per weather conditions. The insulated delivery boxes are made of FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) and it is easy to maintain the temperature inside the box. It is waterproof and is best used to deliver products like cold meats, cold beverages, salads and so on. The convenient part is that it is easy to mount it on a bike. Once a rider has reached the restaurant to collect an order, it is important to pack warm meals separately and away from cold foods, as heat will transfer to cold ones.  What’s more, these insulated food delivery boxes are reasonably priced! 

BikeKit’s insulated food delivery boxes double up as a marketing tool. A brand can have its tag line, contact details printed on the box in the colours of the company so where ever the rider goes, the branding is read by a lot of people. In this way, the company ends up getting eyeballs and customers receive their food just the way they like it. So, don’t delay calling up BikeKit any further, go on and reap the benefits of an investment made wisely!

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