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LED Delivery Bag

BikeKit’s R&D team brings another excellent innovation to its customers. The delivery backpacks can now be equipped with 1 or more LED Backlit panels, which can act as an excellent branding or marketing tool. The 12 V Panel can either be connected to the bike's battery or to a customized power bank, supplied by BikeKit®. The bags have heavy-duty back straps and excellent cushioning to provide amazing comfort to the rider. Bags with LED also enhance the ‘safety aspect’ for the rider, by making him more visible to other road users in ‘low-light’ or dark conditions.


  • Size
    42x42 cm
  • Materials
    Bags made with 1080 Oxford fabric
  • Colors
  • Strap Type
  • Energy Consumption of LED Panel
    12 V; 1 Amp
  • Applications
    Food Delivery
    Medicine Delivery
  • Mount
    Shoulders of the Rider

Optional Delivery Enhancements

You can either add a cooling module or a heating module to the boxes & bags.

  • Cooling module

    Keep your deliveries cold all the way from the store to the customers’ home. BikeKit’s boxes or bags can be equipped with customized high-grade EPS Insulation complemented with ‘Hard Case Gel Packs.’ It will help in delivering items like ice-cream, frozen items, meat, milk, chocolates and even medicines at the right temperature.

    Temperature 4 - 8 degree
    Duration 8 - 10 hours
  • Heating Module

    Customers often expect food to be delivered hot to them. BikeKit® brings in a complete solution in the form of a heating pad along with a Lithium ion battery, which can make this possible. The solution can be put in both boxes or bags, along with high grade EPS insulation.

    Temperature Up to 60 degree
    Duration 8 - 10 hours


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