What Sets BikeKit Delivery Bags Apart from Competitors?

Who would have thought that a simple idea based on convenience and utility could create such a stir? But it has, and rightly so! With a focus on offering high-quality and practical solutions for Last Mile delivery players, BikeKit offers services and products in the verticals of Delivery Solutions, Rider Safety, and Rider Wellness.

Eco-friendly portfolio of products

Since sustainability is at its heart, it is only natural for the company to extend it to their product range, especially when they carry sensitive items such as food, groceries, and medicines. BikeKit has engaged informed designers in Dubai who are well-versed in sustainability and have created unique designs for delivery bags. From using recyclable materials to make the bags to fine stitching, the delivery bags are faultless!

A product that made headlines

BikeKit has taken innovation to another level with the novel multipurpose LED delivery bag. It has LED-backlit panels, can be customised according to the specifications provided by the client, and even doubles up as a marketing tool! Available in a colour of your choice, it can be made in any colour or size, and also carry logos and contact details of the client. It works very well as wherever the biker goes, the box is lit and readable, so it attracts a lot of attention from passers-by. Also, it is a safety measure for the rider as he is visible on a dark road.

Insulated wonders

The insulated food delivery bags from BikeKit are a technical marvel. The bags have layers of fabric and control the temperature in the bag. They are large and measure 42X42X42 cm, so several items can be stacked in them, thus making it a time and money-saving option as everything reaches a customer in one go. Regular food delivery boxes and bags do not have insulation, and food is delivered cold and dry to a customer.

Is that a backpack?

The delivery bags are backpacks with cushioned and adjustable straps that go on the shoulders of the rider and provide maximum comfort. The fabric used is strong and even water-resistant. The stitching is neat and looks highly professional. The bag has an opening flap on the top, and the side is secured with Velcro to enable the rider to quickly open the bag when he reaches a restaurant to pick up an order. It is possible to customise it as per a brand’s requirement of name, colour, and logo. These food delivery bags are reasonably priced, and the restaurants do not have to think much.

After-sales service like no other

Not every logistic company can offer after-sales service, but BikeKit’s after-sales service support is excellent. It lends support through warranty and annual management contracts and hires distributors across the world to tend to the concerns of clients.

Exporting around the globe

It comes as no surprise that BikeKit now exports its delivery boxes and bags to more than 20 nations worldwide.

BikeKIt delivery bags have combined convenience with utility for B2B businesses and redefined the method of last-mile delivery. Take a look at their website and learn more about their offerings.

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