How can LED Delivery Bags Improve the Delivery Experience?

There was a time ages back when pharmacies, grocery shops, and restaurants delivered their goods in paper bags. There was also a time when cloth bags were used as carry bags made lovingly by an elderly lady, and mostly a grandmother. However, today things have changed drastically and one of the most common delivery bags is made of woven nylon fabric and polyester fibre fill. Realizing that in the future there would be a dire need for such delivery bags, BikeKit came up to fill the gap in the B2B industry. A relatively new concept, BikeKit had the foresight and plunged into the manufacturing and supplying of professional-grade delivery bags and boxes initially for the trade market of only UAE. In a matter of years, when word spread about its efficient delivery system, the world became an oyster and BikeKit began catering to markets across the globe.  

BikeKit, a niche player that caters to the demands of the Last Mile Delivery segment is manufacturing and supplying products in the verticals of Delivery Solutions, Rider Safety, and Rider Wellness. As a company, BikeKit carries sustainability close to its heart and offers delivery bags that are designed by experts in Dubai who use recycled material to make them. While the product portfolio is fairly large, plain delivery bags and LED delivery bags remain the bestsellers since they carry sensitive items such as medicines, food, and groceries.

Spacious and comfortable to carry

LED delivery bags, in particular, are heads above the rest and have many advantages. Available in large sizes 42cm x 42 cm, the backpack is meant to be carried by the rider on his shoulders. To be comfortable and easy to carry, thick cushioned adjustable straps have been added to lend support so that even if the bag becomes heavy, it remains convenient to carry. It is made of Oxford material that is tough and water-resistant, and the overall look including the stitching is highly professional.

Effective marketing tool

The best part of the LED delivery bag is that it is an excellent strategic marketing tool. This is so that it is possible to customize the bags as per a brand’s requirement of size, color, specifications, and more. The LED delivery bag has one 12 V or 1 AMP LED backlit panel that offers unique branding opportunities for companies to display their contact details and tag lines.

Drivers behind popularity

The drivers behind the popularity of LED delivery bags lie in the way it has been created. The in-built LED panel lights attract a lot of attention from passers-by, as it is easy to read the brand’s tagline, prevailing discounts and offers, and contact details. This makes it easy to connect with the customer and hence it becomes good for business as viewers are motivated to make that call immediately and ask for home delivery. The LED delivery bag doubles up as a unique safety feature since it lights up the path of a rider thus saving him from falls and accidents.

When you are looking for a suitable manufacturer and supplier of LED delivery bags, look up BikeKit’s website and place the order. It is the beginning of a new professional journey for you!

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