Choosing the Right Size and Capacity for Insulated Bags in the UAE

Due to its many benefits, including strength, durability, heat resistance, moisture resistance, and lightweight, insulated bags are being utilized more often in the food and beverage sector. It is the reason why manufacturers of insulated bags are now looking at adding a lot of innovations to their products. The growing usage of insulated bags for food delivery, food preservation, and so on, is propelling the insulated bag market at a global level.

At this juncture, BikeKit realised that there was a lot of opportunity in the market for innovative food delivery bags and boxes. At an intrinsic level, BikeKit always wanted to be a part of an industry that simplified the lives of Last Mile Delivery players. Hence BikeKit became a part of and came up with innovative solutions in the verticals of Delivery Solutions, Rider Safety and Rider Wellness. Today, the company has to its credit new age and practical delivery boxes and bags, and has created a revolution in the market by introducing insulated bags for the B2B industry, which is also the demand of the hour.

A forward-thinking company, BikeKit, based in Dubai, has the advantage of location. The excellent sea and air connectivity permits BikeKit to cater to the global market. Also, BikeKit’s team consists of credible and experienced professionals who have expertise in Product Designing, R&D, Supply Chain, Sales, IT Hardware and Software. The team is spread across UAE, India and China, and brings more than 100+ years of collective experience to the table.

BikeKit’s sustainable cold chain solutions in the food category maintain the quality, safety, and freshness of food products. The insulated bags are made from the sturdy 1080 Oxford fabric and are waterproof, as well. They are large in size and measure 42×42 cm, which makes it easy for riders to carry multiple orders at once that save time and money. The bags can stock cold meals and are best used to deliver products like cold meats, cold beverages, salads, and so on. The bags are so light that even cyclists may carry them on their shoulders, but they can also be put on a bike, which is practical.

The insulated bags aim at extending the shelf life of foods received from a restaurant, while drastically decreasing waste and decay. A precise temperature control system prevents the loss of vitamins and minerals as well as the growth of bacteria.

Apart from food, BikeKit’s insulated bags ensure the delivery of high-quality pharmaceutical products such as vaccines, biopharmaceuticals, diagnostics samples and other sensitive medical products, while maintaining their integrity. Also by keeping medicines in temperature-controlled insulated bags, adverse effects of medicines are minimised. Since medicines are sensitive to the environment, BikeKit’s insulated bags overcome the challenges of erratic temperature, humidity, and light exposure.

If you are on the lookout for reliable and reasonable insulated bags manufacturer and supplier, call BikeKit. After buying their insulated bags, you will notice an increase in the number of happy and satisfied customers!

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