Budget delivery boxes serve a variety of sectors.

Ordering food has become very convenient with food apps. One can go on the app, select dishes from a menu, make the payment, and voila your order is delivered within the promised timeline. However, sometimes it is not that simple as the food delivered is completely cold and inedible. This not only leaves the consumer frustrated, but even the restaurant is apologetic and worried that it may have lost a potential client. Therefore, to avoid such situations the restaurant owner must partner with a smart and reliable budget delivery box supplier so that all his concerns are permanently laid to rest.

BikeKit has grown to become a niche player in the B2B category that focuses on the requirements of the Last-Mile Delivery segment. With several innovative products and services in its portfolio, BikeKit offers tangible solutions for the verticals of Delivery Solutions, Rider Wellness, and Rider Safety. Be it delivery of hot food or cold chain products (medicines, frozen foods) BikeKit budget delivery boxes can cater to various industries.

It will help in delivering products like frozen items, meat, milk, chocolates, and even medicines as within the box the temperature is maintained at 5°C to 15°C.

Over the years, BikeKit has been successfully leading the way for logistic companies and retail businesses that have always required well-designed quality delivery boxes. Now you can get cost-effective solutions with their new range of budget delivery boxes in the UAE.

At this juncture, it is critical to also understand that the business of logistic companies rests completely on riders. A key part of the business, they need to take adequate measures to help alleviate some of their concerns. Unarguably a day in the life of a rider is tough – from working for a minimum of 12 hours daily, the rider has to brave not only inclement weather, but also poor road conditions, demanding customers, and despite it, all manage the pressure of a job as it is dear to him. Therefore BikeKit introduced the concept of rider wellness to assess a rider’s health. It is done by obtaining data on his heart rate which is processed into a patented software. The resultant score reflects his current stress level and overall health. When the parameter is healthy, he can go ahead and start his day on a positive note.

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