Products and solutions for cold chain last-mile delivery

Craving for ice cream or a cold milkshake at 9 PM? Who will go to the supermarket now to buy it? Let’s order in! As everything is getting delivered at home, why not continue getting spoiled! Now, Last-mile delivery solutions provide an opportunity for consumers to buy the product from their favorite restaurants or supermart. However, if the ice cream is melted or the milkshake becomes warm, it’s a bummer!

With more & more customers doing the online ordering, retailers need to develop an effective strategy to provide an excellent customer experience. It’s essential to deliver different items of grocery at their suitable / desired temperatures. BikeKit brings in a comprehensive solution to achieve this objective. BikeKit’s LED Boxes, Plain Boxes, or Bags can now be equipped with high-grade EPS insulation combined with customized hard-shell ice gel packs, which can maintain a temperature of 5-6*C throughout the day.

We as customers expect the following things from last-mile delivery companies:

  • Speed
  • Timeliness
  • Accuracy
  • Precision

Frozen foods require proper transport throughout the last-mile delivery to maintain their quality. BikeKit brings you LED & Plain Delivery boxes with industrial-grade insulation suitable for delivering frozen products safely to the customers. In addition, proper branding allows you to build the perfect relationship with the audience, turning them into customers.

Bikekit’s LED Delivery Box:

Bikekit’s LED Box is a unique product with an excellent option for branding. Convey the brand identity through riders that help you to increase your brand identity. In addition, a concealed insulation in the boxes helps in temperature control, making it suitable for multipurpose use like food delivery, couriers, newspaper delivery, etc.

Bikekit’s Delivery Backpack:

The challenge of delivering food in perfect condition is becoming vital these days. That’s why choosing the best delivery backpack to be a top priority for any food delivery business. In addition, delivery backpacks are the most important for last-mile delivery. Our Last-Mile Delivery Bags are a unique and advanced product from BikeKit. They come with LED backlights to give you an advantage of delivering the products with an excellent option to do branding.

  • Are you an owner of a restaurant or pizzeria?
  • Are you a delivery solution supplier?
  • Are you an owner of a grocery shop?
  • Are you an owner of a grocery shop?

Bikekit can customize delivery backpacks according to your brand requirement’s size, color, specification, etc. Moreover, BikeKit’s modular boxes for cold chain last-mile delivery can be packed in a single carton, reducing the shipping cost by 1/3rd and reducing the products’ overall ownership cost. 

Get premium quality last-mile delivery products for your business from BikeKit. Set yourself apart from your competitions with the help of BikeKit’s LED Delivery Boxes & Bags. Our innovative and cost-effective products will help you strengthen your delivery strategy and branding opportunities simultaneously.

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