Safety Accessories

Best delivery boxes with smart helmet In UK
Smart Helmet

Brilliant helmets designed from scratch with integrated Bluetooth chipset, by Korean designers. This is a high quality product made to serve the right purpose i.e. Enhance Rider Safety.

Blind Spot Monitoring

This technology is no more exclusive to cars! BikeKit® brings customized ‘Blind Spot Monitoring’ device for motorbikes. With increasing last mile deliveries being done on bikes, the requirement for devices that can prevent accidents is going up.

rider wellness monitoring system
Safety Gears
Safety Gears

Driving a bike, exposes the rider’s body completely to the road conditions & the known & unknown dangers. While many countries have made the use of helmet mandatory, which is a known protector of one’s head, similarly safety gears like gloves, knee & elbow pads should also be made mandatory.

Rider Behavior

With the phenomenal increase in last-mile deliveries worldwide, the number of bike riders has also gone up substantially. In countries like UAE, Europe, USA, etc. where the road infrastructure is superb & general vehicular speed is very high, the increase in road accidents because of ‘delivery boys’ has been witnessed. This is now becoming a matter of grave concern for the authorities.

We at BikeKit® are in the process of developing a robust ‘Rider Behavior Monitoring’ mechanism whereby each rider will be monitored using multiple cameras. Our proprietary software using AI & ML would monitor the rider’s driving behavior & would pre-empt risky driving with the idea of reducing the probability of an accident. The data so generated can be further used to train the riders & make them more safer drivers on the road.

Automated LED

BikeKit® is the world’s first company to use LED-backlit panels in its delivery boxes. While these panels act as an excellent branding tool for the companies, it also holds equal importance in enhancing riders’ safety. The brightly lit panels make a rider’s presence prominent & visible on the road, thus making him safe from other vehicular traffic, who may miss him in dark or in poorly lit roads. Despite of these great advantages, it’s been observed that the delivery riders don’t switch on the panels when required.

To address this issue, BikeKit® has developed an automated control system, whereby the LED panels are connected to IoT & are pre-programmed to function as desired. This removes the control from the rider’s hands & thus eliminates the possibility of the lights not being used after dusk. Not only this, we can also do a remote diagnosis of a non-working panel & inform the fleet manager for necessary repair action.