Importance of safety gear for bike riders

Last Mile Delivery companies are highly dependent on their riders. The roads are teaming with riders who are speedily delivering food, medicines, large couriers and sometimes even documents. They have tight deadlines to meet and ride over 100 km every day and end up driving rashly. This makes them part of a high-risk industry and hence have to be protected with heavy-duty biker safety gear along with other sensory-intelligent accessories. 

Due to the risky nature of their jobs, many countries have made the use of helmets mandatory, which is a known protector of one’s head safety gear like gloves, and knee and elbow pads will be made mandatory soon. In the UAE, riders need to wear a helmet, eye protection, over-the-ankle footwear with nonslip soles, long pants, a good jacket, and full-fingered gloves. These products not only look smart, but the function performed is also way beyond ordinary.

BikeKit, a renowned company in Dubai, focuses on bringing innovative and practical solutions to Last Mile Delivery players. It is present in the verticals of Delivery Solutions, Rider Safety and Rider Wellness. It saw potential in Rider Safety and decided to create bike safety equipment such as solid and unique helmets and other safety gear like gloves, elbow and knee pads because driving a bike, exposes the rider’s body to road conditions and known and unknown dangers. 

BikeKit’s full-fingered gloves are designed by experts in Dubai. Made from high-quality mesh material, they have air vents to promote optimal airflow and keep the hands of the rider cool and dry. The conductive metal fibre on the fingertips of the index finger and thumb facilitates the rider to swipe, tab, or zoom into touchscreen devices without having to remove the gloves. The extra padding on the knuckle works as a protective layer that prevents discomfort caused by riding long hours and protects against falls and slips. It is a much-needed biker safety gear

Elbow and knee pads are also crucial bike safety equipment. BikeKit has gone a step forward to create steel elbow and knee pads. The other material used is EVA foam which has elastic bands that go around the elbow and the knee. They provide the utmost protection for your elbow and knees as they are windproof. The knee pads are durable and have a strap for size adjustment. The rider has to be safe and comfortable.

BikeKit’s bike safety equipment doesn’t just protect a rider’s health they also help him do his job better and faster. When he is comfortable on a bike, his productivity will increase and he will be more efficient. On the other hand, if a rider meets with an accident and he is not wearing proper bike safety equipment, it can prove to be an expensive proposition for the restaurant. The business can face substantial penalties and liabilities as well as earn a bad reputation. 

Without further ado order biker safety gear from BikeKit and have a fleet of stress-free riders who will always want to work for you.  

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