Rider Safety

Rider safety with smart helmet, Last-mile delivery products

Rider Safety

With the phenomenal increase in last mile deliveries across the world, the number of bike riders have also gone up substantially. In countries like UAE, Europe, USA etc. where the road infrastructure is superb & general vehicular speed is very high, the increase in road accidents because of ‘delivery boys’ has been witnessed. This is now becoming a matter of grave concern for the authorities.

We at BikeKit® are in the process of developing a robust ‘Rider Safety’ mechanism whereby each rider will be monitored using multiple cameras. Our proprietary software using algorithms along with AI & ML would monitor the rider’s driving behavior & would pre-empt risky driving so that probability of accident can be reduced. The data from the cameras will also act as evidence and help the authorities analyze & assess post-accident situations.

'Let's make safety a top priority!'

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