Transforming the last-mile delivery execution

We are all aware of how significant the last-mile delivery is becoming for every player who is now doing doorstep deliveries of products to the customers. With competition heating up & customers becoming more demanding, it is becoming essential for the LMD players to differentiate them from others. BikeKit can help in achieving this differentiation, through its innovative line up of products & services.

LED Panels for Branding

For a business to sustain itself in any part of the world, advertisement plays a significant role. Our LED delivery boxes have been designed keeping one of these aspects in mind. BikeKit’s LED delivery box comes with LED panels on all three sides of the box, thus giving you a perfect space to advertise your brand. It’s a reasonable one-time investment with the zero-recurring cost! Imagine the cost one may have to pay for running ads in a city! It will run into thousands of dollars. Something not very viable for Small & Medium businesses.

The LED Boxes simply look WOW in the evening! The lights from the panel make the boxes visible from a distance as well. So wherever the rider goes, the boxes will grab the eye-balls in all those locations.

Solution for Cold Food or Medicines

When it comes to understanding customer’s  problems or pain areas and finding a solution, BikeKit’s R&D team goes above & beyond. We have designed a cold solution’s which can be integrated with Plain Boxes, LED Boxes or Bags. Our solution consist of high-grade EPS insulation combined with customized hard-shell ice gel packs, which can maintain a temperature of 6-8*C throughout the day. Our LED Boxes with cold solution are being used by Pharmacies to deliver medicines, doughnut chains to deliver fresh doughnuts to the customers & many others. We feel our solution is absolutely apt for cafes, bakeries etc. to deliver cold shakes, ice-creams and cakes to their customers.

Smart helmets for riders

Bikekit offers innovative mobility products that are designed to attain efficient last-mile delivery. Our Smart Helmet not only serves the purpose of basic safety, rather it enhances it further by letting the rider handle the calls hands-free or listen to navigation easily. With the in-built electronic components and Bluetooth chip, riders can communicate with both the consignor and consignee with ease. Other salient features include noise cancellation, superior voice quality, and superb aerodynamic design. A fully charged smart helmet can work up to 12 hours without disruption, thus saving the rider from repeated hassles of charging the unit

Solution for All needs

As a leading player, providing Last Mile Delivery products  &  services to the customers, BikeKit is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to innovation, quality & providing excellent customer service. We are equally conscious of the environment and hence are making sure that our products are recyclable and sustainable.

Exciting Offers (Valid till 31st Dec 2021).

It is the right time to choose the correct delivery product for your business as Bikekit has come up with offers like never before.

  • LED Delivery Bag @275 AED
  • LED Delivery Box @599 AED
  • Plain Delivery Box @499 AED
  • LED Delivery Box with cold solution @999 AED

Note: Above prices are EXW Dubai. Taxes extra.

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