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Restaurant owners have a tough job. Before beginning their operations, they must map out the road ahead very meticulously and with planning. They have to give deep thought to every aspect, from ideation to conception, finances and budgets, marketing and promotional strategies, to delivering meals in high-quality delivery boxes or bags that are smart, hygienic and convey the correct spirit of the brand. It is a tall order best left to professionals who know their job well. 

After years of being in the business of manufacturing delivery bags and boxes, BikeKit has grown manifold as an organisation. Based in Dubai, it is a niche player in the B2B category that focuses on the requirements of the Last Mile Delivery segment and caters to the B2B industry at large. With several innovative products and services in its portfolio, BikeKit offers tangible solutions for the verticals of Delivery Solutions, Rider Wellness, and Rider Safety. Its professionalism is as commendable as its ever-expanding portfolio of products. 

BikeKit champions the cause of sustainability and is aptly reflected in the product range, especially as the boxes or bags deliver sensitive items such as food, grocery, and medicines. It has employed seasoned designers in Dubai who think responsibly and use only recycled material to create boxes and bags, unlike other companies that cut corners and use low-quality materials for them. 

BikeKit supplies its delivery boxes and bags to more than 20 countries, and the LED delivery box remains supremely popular. The reasons for its success are several, as it is possible to use it as a marketing tool and a safety device. 

The LED delivery box is available in many attractive colours and can match a company’s brand colours. The logo, contact information, and tagline can be printed on the box. It comes loaded with LED backlit panels that provide uniform lighting of 12W to help the box glow when the rider is out making a delivery at night. All the printed details also shine, which can be read by people making it an effective marketing tool. This feature helps it double up as a safety device as it illuminates dark roads, and oncoming traffic can see the rider. 

A versatile option, the motorcycle food delivery box is large and can accommodate several orders in one delivery. It is fitted with cooling and heating modules so that the customer receives his food and beverage at the preferred temperature. 

BikeKit cares for its community. To make it convenient for restaurant owners and at their behest, BikeKit can contact multiple suppliers and negotiate the price, logistics, and more, saving them a lot of time and money. It can also help suggest the best practical solution for their requirement in the shortest possible time.  

What’s more, there is global ‘after-sales service’ support, as well 

When so much peace of mind is assured, why wait? Look up today! 

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