Top global supplier of LED delivery boxes

In the current scenario, brands are facing an uphill task. Not only are they working twice as hard to attract new customers and retain existing ones they are also wooing lost ones with schemes and offers. Over and above, they are dealing with immense financial losses that they suffered during lockdowns. So, in such a situation many realize that there is a gaping need for tangible and secure last-mile delivery solutions that should help ease some of the worries and simultaneously reward the B2B industry at large.

In order to address and help alleviate the situation, BikeKit came up with a strategic idea to manufacture and supply professional-grade delivery bags and boxes initially for the trade market of UAE and later for the rest of the world. One of the top companies catering to last mile delivery in UAE, BikeKit has filled the gap with much elan. Thanks to the unique delivery solutions, BikeKit is head and shoulders above other companies because of its innovative product portfolio and its insistence on following processes for development.

Based out of Dubai but with a network that spans the globe, BikeKit’s LED delivery bags and boxes are the most popular. Used for delivering food the box is mounted on a bike and the LED-backlit panels within the box are connected to IoT, which glows. This idea has created a revolution in the way marketing and branding are taking place. The box can be made as per specifications, color, carry logos and contact details so that where ever the biker goes, the box being lit is also being read by people around. Supplying to more than 20 countries around the world, their design experts have made the boxes from recycled material. BikeKit is making waves in the LED delivery box category, hence it has earned a name in the list of being one of the best-LED delivery box suppliers in UAE.

Today BikeKit is a global company and if one is in the UK and also looking for a delivery box and bag supplier, BikeKit can be of great help. A renowned manufacturer and one of the best-LED delivery box suppliers in the UK, they have unique LED delivery bags and box options that will give visibility to your brand and work as an effective marketing tool. All you need to do is mount the box on a bike and when the backlit panel connects with the IoT, the box will be illuminated. Inside the box, there are three LED-backlit panels that carry a brand’s logo or contact details. As the biker can be seen from far, the 12W lit box makes many heads turn. Also, it is a safety measure for the rider as on a dark road he can see in the dark and others can also see him.

BikeKit has worked extensively with Last Mile players and for them, it has created the LED delivery box which is a patent-pending innovation. BikeKit is indeed one of the best-LED delivery box suppliers in the UK.

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