Top 5 Challenges of the riders and their solutions

Benjamin Franklin, founding father of the United States of America, said that out of adversity comes opportunity. It is true that the global spread of Covid-19 is that adversity and the innovative business ideas that have come up are opportunities for growth and empowerment. In the logistics and food business it peaked at a time when technology made it possible to order food and simultaneously pay for it online. Around this time the concept of Last Mile delivery riders also gained ground, who delivered food, groceries, medicines or documents at stipulated times.


Today the streets are dotted with riders racing to deliver food, grocery, medicines or documents, and to deliver on time. The rash driving often makes one wonder about their personal safety on the road. BikeKit, a leader in the Last Mile delivery segment has created innovative products keeping in mind their safety which makes them a must-have for establishments.


Life-saving helmets

Made by Korean designers BikeKit’s smart helmet with a camera is definitely more than a helmet – it is a life saver. The helmet comes with in-built sensors that ensure a correct fit and has safety features that can detect head-on collisions. In the case of an accident it has the SOS system which makes use of the rider’s smartphone to automatically call emergency services. Since the riders drive a minimum of 100 kms every day, they are susceptible to accidents and hence need to be protected. The good part is that staff in the control room can see and track the rider’s travel journey.

 Protective driving accessories

It is true that a two wheeler is a dangerous vehicle as it exposes one to the elements of nature as well as poor drivers. But it is also true that there is no alternative as far as delivery is concerned. Hence BikeKit suggests that riders wear a smart helmet with a visor to avoid the cold, windblast and flying objects; gloves to protect the hands; elbow guards to soften any fall; jacket and pants to protect against sunburn and road rash; boots to protect feet and ankles and give a good grip on the foot pegs; and knee guards to minimize injury.

 LED panels connect to IoT

There are times when the rider is reluctant to switch on the LED panel lights of the LED food delivery box as it is a cost to them. Hence BikeKit is working on creating an automated control system wherein the LED panels will automatically connect to IoT and be pre-programmed to function as per requirement. In this way the rider will not be able to switch it off by himself therefore ensuring his own safety and visibility on dimly lit roads, and also achieving the purpose of branding. As a precautionary measure, the fleet manager will also be able to conduct a remote diagnosis and fix a panel that is not working effectively.


BikeKit is on the road to success whether it is by way of its food delivery bags and boxes or accessories for a rider’s safety. It would make infinite sense to pay heed to their advice.  


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