Save time, save money with BikeKit? food delivery backpack

The B2B industry works on a schedule and plans its logistics a year or so in advance. While this is true for most logistic companies around the world, BikeKit a Dubai-based company is ahead of its contemporaries in innovation and intelligence. Industry experts and stakeholders alike have applauded the company and made it a mega success due to its creative food delivery bags and boxes.


In the business since 2018 BikeKit has taken giant strides in the category and has been ruling the Last Mile segment with products in the verticals of Delivery Solutions, Rider Safety, and Rider Wellness. In Delivery Solutions, it has created a name for itself with a range of products such as Food Delivery Backpacks, Budget Delivery Boxes, LED Premium Delivery Boxes, LED Bags, and plain delivery bags and boxes.


The company has a variety of food delivery options however these days the food delivery backpack is in demand. Created by a team of designers in Dubai who while designing have paid a lot of attention to usage and rider comfort, the backpack has thick and cushioned straps that allow it to sit comfortably on the rider’s shoulders. As hygiene is playing a critical role the backpacks are made from a fabric called Oxford which is durable and remains unaffected by liquid spills or the rainy season. This also helps the backpacks stay clean and not give off a lingering foul odor. The overall look and stitching are done by machines and appear to be a highly professional job. The size of the backpack is large and measures 42x42x42 cm making it a time and cost-saving option that is convenient too. It can stock several orders to be delivered to multiple customers in one shot. What’s more cooling or heating modules can be added to the backpacks to generate more customers and revenue for the restaurant.


The food delivery backpack is also a marketing wonder. Since it can be customised, clients can give their specifications of size and color, and what’s more, can also give their tag lines as well as contact details. In the LED delivery backpack variation, there is a LED backlit panel that lights up and can be used by a company for branding purposes. The backpacks with LED are not only used as a marketing strategy but also work towards keeping the rider safe as the rider is visible from far and also by lighting up the road. Here too BikeKit has gone the extra mile by thinking for the client as well as the rider. What’s more, these food delivery backpacks are also reasonably priced.


Since word has spread thick and fast and extended beyond UAE, BikeKit has appointed global distributors. The company also has a warranty system and an annual management contract in place to handle the problems faced by their esteemed clients.


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