Pro Tips For Bike Fleet Management

If you are a business involved in the delivery of products, you must already have a full-fledged bike fleet to support your delivery system. As important as it is to have a bike fleet, it is equally important to manage it to the best levels. Delivery is one of the core processes to redeem customer satisfaction and with effective bike fleet management, you can earn many happy and satisfied customers. But, what are the best practices for bike fleet management? If you too are looking for answers to this question, here are a few pro tips that will help you practice the best management of Bike fleet:

1) Make a schedule

If you have a bike fleet, it is important for you to make a roster for the bike movement. Depending upon the age, condition and model of your bikes, you must make sure that every bike runs the ideal distance every day. Moreover, there should be enough time for the driver to take rest so he/she does not report to the duty tired or groggy as this may affect your delivery process.

2) Timely Maintenance

A bike is a complicated machine which requires timely maintenance and repair. Make sure your riders are making a travel log with them and also reporting any faults in the bikes. You must schedule maintenance and repair for all your bikes as a part of your bike fleet management process.

3) Pay Attention To Comfort

Offering comfort to the riders while driving is one of the key aspects. Most of the companies overlook the need for the comfort of the rider while installing delivery boxes and other accessories to the bikes. It is important that you connect with companies that offer you food delivery boxes which are ergonomically designed to promote the rider? comfort and boost the delivery process.

4) Offer Safety

Ensuring the safety of your bike fleet is very important. While you maintain and repair the bike to boost its life, you must also take care of the rider’s safety. A rider has a strenuous bike ride every day, irrespective of the weather conditions. With enhanced safety tools and gears, you can ensure they are safe as they run between the delivery point and the customer’s address.

5) Make Your Troupe Identifiable

It is also important to make your troupe identifiable. This will not only contribute to your marketing efforts but is also important to keep a check on the bike’s movement. You must provide a T-Shirt, Jacket, Caps etc. with the company’s logo or color scheme to the bike riders. This will best your brand identity and make the bike rider an integral part of your team. These are some of the ways you can manage your bike fleet. Besides these measures, you must also communicate new plans and existing policies with the bike riders to keep them aware of company practice. Also, you must encourage the bike rider to follow the road safety rules and ensure the safety of the bike as well as the goods they are delivering.

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