Optimizing Food Safety with Insulated Boxes in the UAE

Manufacturers and suppliers looking to excel in their line and scale up their businesses need to ensure that their product portfolio is innovative and that they can further keep improvising and coming up with new products often enough.

In the B2B market, innovation is king. One such manufacturer and supplier of delivery bags and boxes that has taken it very seriously is BikeKit. Taking inspiration from the buzzword, the company has worked towards making a mark in the niche market of Last Mile delivery. Hence it has set up three critical verticals of Delivery Solutions, Rider Wellness, and Rider Safety and offers solutions for each category.

In Delivery Solutions, the portfolio comprises lit LED panel boxes and bags, plain budget delivery boxes and bags, and now it has launched insulated delivery boxes for restaurants and eateries that offer a home delivery facility. The novel product comes at a time when not only is the weather of the region at its worst but there are strict legal enforcements that state that it is mandatory for food to be sent to customers in only delivery boxes that are well insulated. Currently available only in the UAE, BikeKit’s insulated delivery boxes are naturally in high demand. Restaurant owners are now free of worry and make deliveries in boxes that have high-grade EPS insulation and ‘Hard Case Gel Packs’ to keep products like ice-creams, frozen meats, milk, chocolates, and even medicines, cool and safe in temperature-controlled conditions. The boxes are set between 4°C and 8°C which helps products stay in good condition for up to 10 hours.

Since food delivery ranks the highest on the list of essential deliveries, right at the outset one has to realise the importance of an insulated delivery box and invest in a quality box. There is no point in wasting money on poor quality delivery boxes that do not keep the food safe.

Clearly the most revolutionary category, the insulated delivery boxes can be used as a marketing tool. The boxes can be painted in the colours of the company and can also have the tagline, and contact details printed on them. They are durable and light in weight and meet the dual purpose with ease. It is extremely effective for companies who wish to make an impact and garner results but at a lesser cost.

BikeKit has sustainability at its core therefore not only do the in-house designers consciously recycle and reuse material but the bags and boxes are also made in a manner that saves energy and keeps the environment free from pollution.

To keep its customers happy, BikeKit has hired distributors across the globe to offer after-sales service support and resolve any and every issue or concern felt by the customer.

For many years, BikeKit has served as a guiding light for retailers who have sensed a constant need for high-quality, well-designed delivery boxes. It is your chance to go the extra mile for your customers, so order your insulated delivery boxes today!

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