LED Delivery Boxes vs Plain Delivery Boxes, Make the Right Choice!

The concept of doorstep delivery or “last mile delivery” has tremendously changed the way businesses work today. The B2C distribution model has witnessed a sizable change whether it is food delivery, groceries or just about anything else. No wonder, the last mile services such as same day and “instant” delivery are projected to capture a combined 20 to 25% of the market by 2025.

As consumer demand drives rapid turnarounds, companies are hustling to perfect the trickiest and most crucial leg of the delivery process – the last mile, because receiving the desired product in the comfort of their home is no more a customer’s luxury, but a new norm. Therefore, businesses have to stay on the edge, constantly innovating and perfecting their delivery fleets to stay at the top.
Two wheelers such as motorbikes, mopeds and scooters are becoming an even more increasingly popular and attractive mode of transport than before, particularly for fast food and other delivery riders. Their maintenance, upcycling and accessorizing such as adding delivery boxes, helmets, bags, etc., have created altogether new avenues in supply chain management.
Numerous models and quality motorcycle delivery boxes are available in the UAE market today. Two key categories include – Plain Delivery Boxes and LED Backlit Delivery Boxes.
The size and material specifications vary depending on brands, but key differences can be seen in the ‘next-level advertising factor’ that LED boxes offer. Where plain delivery boxes are limited in appeal and attractiveness, LED boxes grab immediate attention, even from a far-off distance and this is what sets them apart.

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