BikeKit, the top LED delivery bag manufacturer

The biggest challenge in the food delivery industry is delivering food items in their original state- fresh and tasty. But most of the time it ends up soggy. An upgrade in delivery bags and boxes is the need of the hour, however brands still reeling from the aftereffects of Covid-19 and maintaining the status quo, others have decided to consolidate their businesses and come up with improvement ideas. 

It takes a sharp mind to come up with solutions that change the way business is being done. BikeKit, an established name in the Last Mile Delivery segment, has managed to do just that by offering revolutionary products in the verticals of last-mile delivery solutions. BikeKit is known as a leading LED delivery bag manufacturer. Since it has innovation as the base of its functioning, BikeKit is head and shoulders above other logistics companies because of its innovative product portfolio and its insistence on following processes for development.

From its vast range of unique products, the LED delivery bag deserves special mention. It is essentially a large backpack that measures 42cm x 42cm, meant to be carried by the rider on his shoulders. To add some comfort the thick adjustable shoulder straps are thick and well cushioned since they act as support even if the bag is filled to the top. As the rider has long routes the bag needs to be comfortable to carry. It is made of Oxford material which is known to be tough and water-resistant; the overall look including the stitching is decent and professional. 

LED bags can rise to meet any challenge, even a marketing one! Since they can be made in any color, companies show a lot of interest in it as they may want them in their brand color. Then details such as logo, phone number, and website can also be printed on the bag. The LED delivery bag has one 12 V or 1 AMP LED backlit panel that offers unique branding opportunities for companies to display their contact details and tag lines. It doubles up as a unique safety feature since it lights up the path of a rider thus saving him from accidents. This idea has created a revolution in the way marketing and branding are taking place as it is an effective tool. Needless to say, BikeKit has thought of almost everything in its bags to emerge as a top innovator in the space.

BikeKit has taken sustainability very seriously. Its functioning revolves around it and it begins with the in-house designers consciously recycling and re-using material, there is a focus on energy conservation as it also keeps the environment free from pollution. 

So, what are you waiting for? Without further ado call BikeKit if you want peace of mind and escalating profits! 

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