How Plain and LED Delivery Boxes helps your business ?

As we all know, Dubai is famous for the variety of food it offers to the residents and tourists alike. Online food delivery platforms are increasing by the day, expanding the already existing choice and convenience. Customers can order food from a wide array of restaurants with a single tap of a mobile phone. In Spite of the adverse weather conditions, food delivery in UAE is still rising with the help of delivery boxes on bikes.

Customers drawn to the new online food-delivery platforms have a different set of needs and expectations from that of the traditional customers. Time of delivery is the biggest variable in customer satisfaction, the optimal wait time is no more than 45 minutes. A fleet of bikes and riders is the recommended way to manage the delivery process.

BikeKit provides high quality Plain delivery boxes and LED boxes in Dubai for the effective, fast and hassle free food delivery.

How Led Boxes Helps Your Business?

When the normal plain delivery boxes can deliver the food fresh and hot at customers’ doorstep, why should one buy LED delivery boxes? The answers are many whilst LED delivery box does the same job as plain delivery box it also helps to advertise your business. Every business in the world needs advertisement to grow and LED delivery boxes lets you do so with ease and minimal cost.

Bikekit offers you the most affordable LED delivery boxes in Dubai. We also customize the size and color according to customers’ requirements. Please refer to the existing box sizes available with us.

Rider Safety For Business

Like marketing and business development, safety of riders is of utmost importance and should not be compromised. BikeKit offers high quality rider safety products in UAE like helmets, gloves, shoes, elbow pads and knee pads which assures the safety of riders.

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