Home Delivery has become a necessity now

The Global Pandemic Novel Coronavirus has affected the restaurants and food businesses around the country in various ways. A number of restrictions have been put into place across restaurants in the UAE to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. The Health and Safety Department of Dubai Municipality called on restaurants and food outlets to increase take-outs and home delivery orders with adequate food safety precautions. The government has ordered the closure of all dine-in facilities instead they urge restaurants and food outlets to increase take- outs and home delivery orders with adequate food safety precautions.

With people staying at home to avoid the spread of the COVID-19, demand for home delivery of food and grocery items has seen a significant increase. The food delivery apps have now come up with the idea of contactless delivery.

The online delivery apps have introduced contactless deliveries, in addition to a number of precautions. Following the guidelines, restaurants and online food delivery services are ensuring strict health and safety protocol to ensure that deliveries are handled without compromising the hygiene factor

The Contactless delivery initiative has been developed for rider and customer safety. The customer will need to choose an online payment option. When the rider arrives, he will ring the doorbell and place your order at the door. Our rider will then practice social distancing, while making sure you get your order, before departing on their next delivery. The new safe delivery methods allow customers to choose contactless delivery when they order online to minimize hand-to-hand contact

Apart from the food business, other business-like postal services, grocery services, etc are also come up with the idea of contactless delivery to avoid the spread of COVID 19

As the concept of Contactless Doorstep delivery is increasing it is also important to make sure that the goods reach the customer at its best condition. BikeKit is one of the best last-mile delivery companies manufacturing Food delivery boxes in Dubai. BikeKit features the world? First LED Backlight boxes with uniform lighting, unlike fiber boxes, these are made with recyclable materials. The concealed insulation in the boxes helps in temperature control and it helps to deliver the food to the customer at its best state. Apart from LED Backlight boxes, At Bikekit we also supply Plain Delivery Boxes, Delivery Backpacks, Bluetooth Helmet Etc.

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