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The food service industry in UAE is thriving, to say the least. Segmented by Type (full-service restaurants, quick service restaurants, cafés and bars, home delivery, and kiosks) and Structure (independent consumer food service and chained consumer food service), as per market reports, the industry is forecasted to register a CAGR of 6.8% in the period of 2022-2027. With a boom expected on the horizon and the manner and speed with which post-pandemic consumers are ordering food, it has become even more critical for establishments to source effective and quality food delivery bags.   


In 2018 BikeKit, a Dubai-based company decided to enter the field of logistics and came up with an idea to create innovative food delivery bags and boxes. It has continued to live up to its promise and to date is the number one company in the Last Mile segment with unique offerings in the categories of Delivery Solutions, Rider Safety, and Rider Wellness. Delivery Solutions has a versatile range of products such as Budget Delivery Boxes, LED Premium Delivery Boxes, LED Bags, and plain delivery bags. Since its popularity is growing by leaps and bounds in UAE, BikeKit has also partnered with like-minded companies to be their global distributors.  


The brand’s product portfolio is massive, but B2B companies tend to favor LED delivery bags and plain delivery bags. They are designed and made in Dubai and have lent BikeKit the tag of being a treasure trove of innovative products and SMART services. The pizza delivery bag is essentially a backpack with thick and cushioned straps that sit comfortably and make it easy for the rider to carry on his shoulders. The large-sized bags measuring 44x44x44 cm make it possible to stack several items so that it is a time and money-saving solution as everything reaches a customer in one go. It is made of the Oxford material that is tough and water-resistant, while the overall look including the stitching is highly professional. The positive part is that it is possible to customize the bags as per a brand’s requirement of size, color, specifications, and so on.

The LED delivery backpack has one or more LED backlit panels that double up as a marketing tool and offers unique branding opportunities. Bags with LED are a marvel as apart from attracting attention from afar, they also work as a safety feature. They illuminate a dark road that the rider may be taking to reach his destination thereby protecting him from accidents and falls. Needless to say, BikeKit has thought of almost everything in their bags to emerge as a top innovator in the space.


BikeKit has taken innovation to another level and created insulated food delivery bags. With a heating pad inside running on a Lithium-ion battery, the items are maintained at the desired temperature. Therefore the food and drink items remain hot and cold! What’s more, these food delivery bags are reasonably priced!


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