Food and Beverage Business in UAE Gets a Boost

Today the food and beverage market of UAE is soaring, with a projected revenue of $37.89bn. Thanks to a diverse population, booming tourism, and a rise in the demand for quality multi-national cuisine, it is proved that an innovative approach towards food and beverages can turn the fortunes of a company into a new business in the UAE in 2023.

The government of UAE is going all out to promote the popular gastronomic initiatives of the Dubai Food Festival and Abu Dhabi Food Festival. Thus it is true that for entrepreneurs, the food and beverage business is brimming with opportunity, and they should take a chance and deal with challenges intrinsic to it. 

One of the concerns entrepreneurs face is funds. It is an expensive business to set up, with rent and salaries being high. Also, competition compels entrepreneurs to have an innovative and unique concept and a feasible marketing strategy to stay ahead in the race. It is given that entrepreneurs need to know the law of the land concerning the food and beverage industry.

The pandemic has proved that food delivery is at the top of the list of essential deliveries. Hence eateries have also realised the importance of a trusted and quality-assured food delivery bag supplier and are investing in a quality box or bag. There is no point in wasting money on poor-quality delivery boxes that do not keep the food warm or cool or do not mount a motorcycle correctly.

At the mention of a food delivery box supplier, one can only think of BikeKit, a leading last-mile delivery player based in Dubai, UAE. The company started with a vision to offer solutions in the verticals of Delivery Solutions, Rider Wellness and Rider Safety. Today it has a burgeoning portfolio of lit LED panel boxes and bags, insulated boxes and bags, and plain budget delivery boxes and bags. It has employed expert designers in Dubai who recycle and reuse material and follow sustainability measures. This attitude keeps the company far ahead of others who have no regard for ecology or the environment.  

The food delivery boxes and bags are a boon for last-mile players. A restaurant owner can now use them for hot or cold food and drinks as they have high-grade EPS insulation and ‘Hard Case Gel Packs’. They help deliver frozen items, meat, milk, chocolates and even medicines at appropriate temperatures. 

BikeKit is a torch bearer in the category, and its rise and global popularity are helping the linear players in the food and beverage industry of UAE scale new heights. 

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