Enhancing rider safety with smart helmets

These days the roads are marked with ‘last mile delivery riders’ who are seen delivering either food or medicines and sometimes even critical documents. They are driving fast, sometimes rashly, as they have tight deadlines to meet and a lot of traffic to beat. The way they manoeuvre their bikes when they are overtaking a big vehicle can be admirable and risky, too! Since such ‘last mile delivery riders’ cover 100 to 150 kms every day it is natural for them to be at great risk of being involved in an accident. Therefore they need to be protected with smart helmet for rider safety, among other sensory-intelligent accessories.

Most of the times, smart helmets are called so because they are equipped with a camera, gas detector, high-voltage detector, wireless in-ear microphone, and so on, and on the smart band front side, a camera is attached which allows the control room to see where the rider is heading.

BikeKit, one of the major players in the ‘last mile delivery’ segment, has well understood the issue and addressed rider safety with smart helmet to ensure that they stay safe as much as possible. These helmets are not only smart to look at, but more importantly, the function that they perform is way beyond that of an ordinary helmet.

BikeKit’s smart helmets have been designed by Korean designers who have gone out of their way to give the humble headgear an edge on the road. Some of the features are:

  • The bluetooth technology provides a safe and quiet ride. Noise cancelling helps when clients are calling to know where the rider has reached.
  • The bluetooth of 5.0 stays active in the range of 10 to 15 meters.
  • A Bluetrum chipset from Xiaomi.
  • GPS with a battery capacity of 100 mAh.
  • A hifi speaker with an outside diameter of 40 mm.
  • Mic sensitivity of -32 DB, along with noise cancellation.
  • Frequency of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
  • The smart helmet measures 57 cms to 66 cms and covers the full face.
  • It takes two hours to charge fully.
  • A long standby time of 200 days.
  • Long working time of 18 hours when listening to music.
  • Certified by Department of Technology (DoT).

BikeKit’s smart helmet for rider safety has in-built sensors to ensure proper fit and when it is, safety features to detect head-on collisions are turned on. They also have an SOS system, which uses the user’s smartphone to automatically call emergency services in the case of an accident.

BikeKit’s smart helmets provide solutions for riders’ safety and allows them the freedom to connect with the world while they are riding. If you want your business to grow, look out for your rider’s safety and check out BikeKit’s website https://www.bikekit.co/smart-helmet/. You will never regret it!

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