Enhance your ROI by proper branding on LED Boxes

Dubai provides many prospects in the food and beverage sector with an equal opportunity given to companies and suppliers from around the world. It has become important for all restaurants to have a bike fleet in place to ensure smooth and hassle-free food delivery. Simultaneously, it is important to ensure the safety of the rider along with an efficient way to meet customer satisfaction. Those restaurants who can deliver hot-piping fresh food in minimal time in its desired condition can only sustain in the market.

BikeKit’s products are built based on the concept of “efficient doorstep delivery” which nowadays plays a very important role in every part of the world, because of the rise in food aggregators app, ordering food, grocery, medicines etc. online. This has led to totally new businesses in the last mile delivery vertical. We, at BikeKit, have explored the market and based on our research have come up with innovative products such as LED backlight boxes, delivery bags, smart helmets, all to assist you to manage your delivery process with ease and efficiency.

We have emerged as the best delivery box manufacturer in the UAE. We supply robust, recyclable food delivery boxes in Dubai at affordable prices.

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