Elevating the Last-Mile Delivery Experience in the UAE

Picture this: a dark isolated road and the only lights visible are those coming from a food delivery rider! While it may fill some of us with worry for the rider, for him it is a sign of safety. Since his bike is lit, other travellers can see him and avoid coming close to him. For such an innovative idea of lighting up food delivery boxes, we need to felicitate BikeKit for introducing LED premium delivery boxes to the UAE market!

When BikeKit came up in 2018 in Dubai, UAE, nobody could have predicted its success and that it would be a force to reckon with in less than a decade. Today, BikeKit is an established manufacturer of delivery boxes and bags with an unwavering focus on the requirements of the Last-Mile Delivery segment. BikeKit offers tangible solutions in the verticals of Delivery Solutions, Rider Wellness and Rider Safety. In Delivery Solutions, there is an array of delivery boxes and bags that are meant primarily for the food and restaurant industry of UAE.

BikeKit has enhanced the Last-Mile Delivery segment as today it is a brand with a global network. To cater to the food industry, BikeKit’s product portfolio comprises the LED premium delivery box, LED budget box and the plain box.

Over the years, BikeKit’s delivery boxes have changed the rules of the game as they are unique in the purpose they are solving. The LED premium delivery boxes are modular and one just had to assemble the pieces when they receive them. Once put together, the box is mounted on a bike and when the rider is out making deliveries at night, the in-built LED-backlit panels begin to glow. This beautifully highlights the company logo, contact details or tagline of a brand printed on the box, which can be made in any colour and size so where ever the biker goes, the box is being read by a hefty audience. Hence, it is also working as a fantastic marketing and branding tool.

As sustainability is an intrinsic part of BikeKit, the informed and expert designers in Dubai are ensuring they only use recycled material to create the boxes so that they do not leave any carbon footprints. This is so unlike fibre boxes which cannot be recycled.

BikeKit ensures that food, groceries, flowers, and medical supplies stay fresh in the LED premium delivery box. Available in the sizes 42x42 cm, 45x45 cm and 50x50 cm, they can take multiple orders whether they are hot or cold products. The boxes have high-grade EPS insulation and Hard Case Gel Packs to maintain the appropriate temperature inside the box. Hence, customers can enjoy food and groceries without complaining about its freshness. 

Above all of this – BikeKit believes in staying in touch with its clients even after a sale has been made. It has a network of global distributors who take care of the smallest concerns that may arise in the delivery boxes or bags. So, take a look at BikeKit’s website and place your order request today! 

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