Cooling Box Maintenance and Care in Prolonged Hot Weather

The season of heat and humidity is in full swing. It is also a time when mould and mildew develop at a pretty high speed. Therefore to avoid such situations, high-sensitivity category vendors such as grocery stores, pharmacies, and restaurants need to put a process in place to clean and maintain insulated cool delivery boxes on a weekly basis.

Dedicated to the companies executing last and first mile delivery of groceries, medicines, and food, BikeKit introduced innovative and practical solutions in the verticals of Delivery Solutions, Rider Safety and Rider Wellness. When it began in 2018, in Delivery Solutions, it had food delivery bags and gradually over a period of time added unique products to the versatile range, and today its popularity has grown by leaps and bounds not only in UAE but across the world as BikeKit has partnered with like-minded companies to be their global distributors.

The company’s informed and expert designers in Dubai are making sure they only use recycled material to create boxes and bags so that they do not leave any carbon footprints. BikeKit is an environmentally conscious firm that values both its customers and the environment.

From the entire range of food delivery options, the insulated delivery boxes are clearly a technological breakthrough. Since it is large in size measuring  42X42X42 cm, it is easy to stack multiple products in it, thereby saving the rider time and the company – money. All the boxes have high-grade EPS insulation and Hard Case Gel Packs to maintain the appropriate temperature inside the box. Hence food can be enjoyed as it is meant to without zero complaints from a customer about food becoming warm or cold, and groceries and pharmacies can be delivered keeping their freshness grades in mind and as stipulated by law. 

Indeed, thanks to the insulated cool delivery boxes, pharmacies, grocery stores and restaurants have a larger database of clients to who they are catering to now. Since more deliveries are happening more care and maintenance also becomes a must considering the sensitivity issues of products delivered.

BikeKit realises the value of hygiene and goes a long way in helping its partners maintain their products. To retain the customers and keep them happy, the company is one of the first to offer after-sales service and support through warranty and annual management contracts. 

The innovative aspect comes into play as the insulated cool delivery boxes double up as marketing tools. The box may be made in any colour or size, and brand logos and contact information can be placed on it so that it is seen wherever the cyclist travels.

BikeKit’s insulated cool delivery boxes are a wonderful addition to their robust portfolio. It has made it easy to do business in the B2B space and even promises success.

What are you waiting for – call BikeKit now and place your order of insulated cool delivery boxes!

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