Convenient-to-carry food delivery boxes make a buzz

It is true that in stressful times it is the small things that make a big difference and take some load off our minds. Keeping this factor in mind and also the comfort and ease of delivery boys, last-mile delivery companies have worked on the premise and carried out R&D activities to create unique products. Since food delivery ranks the highest on the list of essential deliveries, right at the outset one has to realise the importance of a food delivery box or bag and invest in a quality box or bag. There is no point in wasting money on poor-quality delivery boxes that do not keep the food warm or cool or do not mount a motorcycle correctly.


Conceptualized in 2018, BikeKit is a leading last-mile delivery player based in UAE. With a vision to create innovative products and services for the segment, it came up with solutions for the verticals of Delivery Solutions, Rider Wellness, and Rider Safety. Today has a burgeoning portfolio that comprises lit LED panel boxes and bags, insulated boxes and bags, and plain budget delivery boxes and bags. It has employed expert designers in Dubai who are recycling and reusing material and following sustainability measures. This attitude keeps the company far ahead of others who are continuing to use low-quality materials with little regard for ecology. 


BikeKit has made a distinct name for itself in the industry by offering superior quality delivery boxes that meet global standards. Made as one shell the motorcycle fiberglass delivery box measures 50 cm X 50 cm and has LED panels that provide 12W of uniform lighting. At this point, a client in the business of food, groceries, medicines, and even flowers can advertise its logo, tagline, and contact details clearly. Not only will it attract attention, but the innovation also meets the key purposes of marketing and branding so critical in today’s time. Also, the boxes can be customized in size and color. They are durable yet light in weight and meet the dual purpose with ease. What’s more, they are not even expensive to make.  


A restaurant owner now has the choice of using the same food delivery box for hot food delivery like pizzas as well as cool food like cakes and ice-creams. The delivery will stay cold throughout the journey as the boxes and bags are made from high-grade EPS insulation and ‘Hard Case Gel Packs.’ It will help in delivering frozen items, meat, milk, chocolates, and even medicines at the appropriate temperature. The temperature can be kept between 4 and 8 degrees for up to 8 to 10 hours. 


For years BikeKit has been a beacon of light for retail businesses that have always felt the need for well-designed and quality delivery boxes. It is your chance to go an extra mile for your clients, so order your delivery boxes today!



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