Combat the hot weather with cooling boxes

Summer months are known to be a difficult season! When the temperature outside is soaring, pharmacies are hit the hardest, after the food delivery companies. Hence there is a dire need to have in place heavyduty cold boxes that are capable of keeping medicines at the right temperature so that it does not get spoilt in the heat. To circumvent challenges of extreme heat, cooling boxes have been invented to keep the medicines and food safe and in the right temperature-controlled situation so that its medicinal value doesn’t get disturbed.

Home delivery is not a novel concept however, fresh elements can be introduced to the category to bring in a sense of innovation and create a delivery box or bag that has harnessed technology like never before. Last Mile Delivery companies that are thinking out of the box are faring well. It makes immense business sense and is one of the best ways to rise above the rest, to add a cooling or heating segment to the box or bag.

BikeKit was one of the first companies in the space to have introduced this brilliant idea. Based in Dubai, it had a fair idea of the problematic hot weather and hence came up with innovative delivery bags and boxes with inbuilt cooling compartments. BikeKit’s insulated delivery bags are a technological breakthrough. As the bags are large in size and measure 42X42X42 cm, many items can be stacked in them, which is a time and money-saving option as everything reaches a customer in one go.

Pharmacies and restaurants can now cater to a larger audience! With cooling boxes from BikeKit, keep your deliveries cold from the pharmacy or restaurant to the customers’ homes. The cooling boxes for hot weather have customized high-grade EPS Insulation further complemented by ‘Hard Case Gel Packs’ that keep medicines, ice cream, frozen items, meat, milk, and chocolates at the right temperature. Thus the cooling is between 4º to 8º C and stays constant for 8 to 10 hours. Now across the Emirates, regulations are being put in place for medicines to be delivered in cold boxes only, if not adhered to penalties will be imposed on companies.

BikeKit has a bevvy of expert designers based in Dubai who have stretched their imaginations and has come up with unique and exciting designs for delivery boxes and bags. Nothing about them can be faulted, from the use of recyclable materials and eco-friendly materials to the beautiful stitching for the food delivery bag. Hence, it is no surprise that today BikeKit is exporting its delivery bags and boxes, including cooling boxes for hot weather, to more than 20 countries around the globe.

BikeKit is a highly professional organization. It not only makes a great sale, but it also goes out of it way to retain its customers. To keep them happy it is one of the first to offer after-sales service and support through warranty and annual management contracts. It has hired distributors around the world who will tend to the customer’s concerns.

BikeKit’s cooling boxes for hot weather combine convenience with utility for B2B businesses and have redefined the method of Last Mile Delivery. What’s more they even promise 100% visibility and success. Therefore go ahead and order cooling boxes from BikeKit!

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