Budget Delivery Box overcomes challenges with LED panels

The last four years have seen a boom in the logistics sector. While there were only a handful of reliable players earlier, today the market is flooded with delivery apps in every segment with the most popular ones delivering food, groceries, medicines, and documents. With an overload of demand meted out by not only consumers, but the B2B industries have also realized the importance of the last mile segment and have geared up to meet that heavy demand by having in place the most effective delivery bags and boxes.  

BikeKit, a Dubai-based manufacturer and distributor of the most innovative and intelligent delivery bags and boxes, has gone an extra mile by harnessing IoT technology to make them SMART. Its product portfolio comprises LED delivery boxes and bags, and plain delivery boxes and bags. Recently it has added the economical LED Budget Box to its kitty.

A revolutionary product the budget delivery box comes fitted with LED-backlit panels that glow. There are several reasons why LED panels are better than rope lights as firstly, rope lights require a lot of space to be installed, and also there has to be enough room for the light to spread wide. Then it has also come to light that rope lights damage the bike’s battery, which the rider only has to bear. As most of the time it works out to be an additional cost to the rider, they do not turn on the lights at all thereby completely defeating the purpose of a lit delivery box with contact details, and so on. 

It is also true that rope lights are mostly used on the façade of a building or as a shop’s signage where there is ample power supply and large enough space like a facade. However, in the case of motorcycles, the power comes from the battery which runs out fast.

Therefore it makes infinite sense to opt for LED panels as they can be replaced in less than 4 minutes, whereas boxes with LED strips require an average of 25 to 45 minutes to be replaced. Also, LED strips have limited surface area to stick to (the box), hence it is common to see boxes with LED strips dangling inside the box. LED strip lights will normally require 9.6 watts per meter. Generally, a delivery box used between 4.5-5 meters of LED rope lights. Since most batteries are 12V we are looking at an average power consumption of 3.6-4.2 amps against 2.4-3 amps by Bikekit’s LED panel. Hence our LED panels use approximately 20-35% less power. Additionally, if the LED strip is of inferior quality then the LED lights tend to fuse or in the worse scenario may cause fire as they may heat up. If fewer rope lights are used, then the light spread is not ample and shall not serve the purpose.

LED Budget Delivery Boxes are a prime example of BikeKit’s inclination toward innovation. With that in mind, the interiors of the Budget Box have thermal insulation so that cold and/ or hot foods can be consumed as per choice. With that addition now restaurants and eateries have a guarantee of happy customers!

As is the purpose, LED Budget Delivery Boxes has changed the way marketing and branding are being done. The boxes can be made as per specifications of color and size, and also carry logos and contact details. Hence, where ever the biker goes, the box is being read by people and attracting a lot of attention, making it a successful tool of the trade.

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