Boost your delivery process with insulated food delivery boxes

What could be better than spending a weekend with friends? All one would do is shop and order food online. But, what happens when enjoyment quickly turns to disappointment as the food ordered is cold? 

It is a fact that meals at restaurants are no longer cheap. After several taxes and cesses, it adds up to be an expensive proposition. When a restaurant delivers lukewarm or cold food, it is almost like committing professional suicide because that customer will never order from that place again. Hence, make it a point to deliver food in insulated food delivery boxes or close the shop forever. 

It is also true that restaurants have a responsibility to bear. Gone are the days when it was a small-scale shop and it was easy to ignore timelines, and quality was taken lightly. Today, the food business has to adhere to quality checks and safety norms, which have become a priority. When a restaurant delivers lukewarm or cold food, it has already ignored the basic rule of food needing to be at 140°F or 60°C to prevent the growth of bacteria, making it a safety threat to a customer. If they had insulated food delivery boxes, such a big problem would never have arisen. 

BikeKit, a leading player in the Last Mile Delivery segment working in the verticals of Delivery Solutions, Rider Safety, and Rider Wellness has solutions in each category. In Delivery Solutions, it has a repertoire of delivery bags and boxes meant primarily for the B2B industry. The company manufactures and supplies professional-grade products such as LED delivery boxes and bags, and plain delivery bags only in the UAE, when its popularity reached international shores BikeKit decided to partner with like-minded companies to be its global distributors for effective after-sales service. 

BikeKit has insulated food delivery bags that keep meals hot and fresh. The bags have padded insulated panels, which help the bag retain heat and keep the food warmer for longer. The spacious storage capacity of 42x42x42 cm allows one to fit multiple meals at a time which helps save time and money. The restaurant must also remember to pack warm meals separately and away from cold foods, as heat will transfer to cold ones. 

Insulated food delivery boxes are a must to keep heat within. Used to deliver pizzas, they are a great option to keep food hot during delivery. Use insulated bags made from water-resistant material to keep food hot and protected in all weather conditions. What’s more, these insulated food delivery boxes are reasonably priced! 

BikeKit’s insulated food delivery boxes are a marketing tool. They can be customised as per a brand’s requirement of size, colour, specifications, and so on. Thus it would make immense sense to look up BikeKit and order your bags today!

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