BikeKit's modular delivery boxes reduces shipping cost

The expectations of the last mile delivery and logistics industry are changing rapidly and most business owners are looking for options to reduce cost and increase profit. When buying delivery boxes, at times, a major chunk is spent on shipping costs of these delivery boxes, especially if the boxes are bought from a different country rather than where it is intended to be used. High shipping costs can be a big turnoff for potential buyers and thus they resort to other alternatives like bags or cheaper quality boxes which may not be durable or feature-rich.

BikeKit brings an ultimate solution for last mile delivery businesses as BikeKit’s boxes are foldable which reduces the total shipping cost to 1/3rd. The boxes allow a cost-effective method for shipping in comparison to the other options in the market.

International carriers & logistics companies calculate shipping costs on the basis of the volumetric weight of the parcel (i.e. Length X Width X Height). While other companies will be able to pack only one delivery box in a carton, BikeKit can pack 3 of its foldable LED delivery boxes in 1 carton. This way, in shipping cost of one carton, you will get 3 delivery boxes. Isn’t that awesome?

BikeKit 28 38 Gross Weight 1140 AED (38X30) 380 AED (1140/3)
Competitor 28 13 Volumetric weight 840 AED (28X30) 840 AED

Our foldable boxes clearly reduce the shipping cost and hence the overall acquisition cost of the product goes down. The business owners can reduce their shipping cost by 1/3rd which positively impacts the bottom line. Below is a table of an indicative shipping cost, when BikeKit’s boxes are shipped to these destinations from Dubai:

1 Belgium 375 1100
2 Brazil 1125 3300
3 Cyprus 170 510
4 Nigeria 330 3000
5 Panama (USA) 350 1100
*All prices in AED

Apart from the shipping cost, BikeKit’s foldable boxes have other advantages also:

BikeKit LED Panel

BikeKit’s boxes come with 12V LED panels which make your branding brighter & visible to your target audience.

Low maintenance

Due to the modular nature of these boxes, replacing any parts is easier and convenient. No need to discard the whole box in case of any damage to any side or a LED panel not working, etc. This again saves money in terms of repair and maintenance costs.

To receive these benefits to the full extent, make sure you buy them from a reliable supplier. BikeKit is your number one source for all last mile delivery products. Our objective is to provide innovative products & services to ‘last mile delivery companies’. Other than GCC countries, we cater to Eastern Europe, Brazil, Cyprus, Nigeria, Panama (USA), and many more.

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