BikeKit's modular boxes are a market disruptor!

Last Mile Delivery companies which use bikes for the purpose of doing deliveries, either go for a Food Delivery Box or a Delivery Bag. The preferred choice is generally the delivery bags because it’s cost effective, easier to carry & buying it from factories located in China, Vietnam, India, etc. also saves the shipping cost, as 4-5 bags can be folded & shipped in one carton. Whereas a fully made delivery box can be singularly packed in one carton & essentially, one pays the CBM cost instead of actual weight. Not only this, but boxes made from FRP or other material, has many other limitations as well.

BikeKit has disrupted the market with its modular box, which took more than 12 months to design & is now a ‘Patent Pending’ product. BikeKit’s delivery box comes in a full or semi-knocked down format, consisting of different parts, that can be put together & the whole box can be assembled in flat 10 Mins! Not only this, the whole idea of ‘modular design’ brings other immense benefits like:

  1. Dual-doors: Yes, you read it right. Our modular design gives us the possibility to make the box, open, from both top & side. So, depending on the need, you can use whichever door you want.
  2. Biggest LED Panel & Branding space: Our 50×50 CM size LED boxes offer the biggest LED panel in the market. Thus, you get a huge space for putting the branding or marketing message.
  3. Easy Repair & Maintenance: The modular design allows us to change any part of the box, which has got damaged as a result of excessive use or a road accident, in matter of minutes. There is no need to change the whole box! Not only this saves a huge cost, but also gives a faster turn-around time in getting the fleet back on the road.
  4. Re-cyclability: Our boxes are made with material that can be re-cycled. The modular design makes it even easier, to take out the components, segregate them as per their material & process them for recycling quickly.
  5. Low Shipping cost: This is a big saving! We can pack 3 boxes in one carton & do the shipment. Imagine, a 20 Feet container, which can otherwise take approximately 175 fully made boxes, can now take 525 boxes (in semi-knocked down format) or 850 boxes (if material is sent loose). Thus, this is a huge saving on 'per box basis.'

In case the 'modular design' is creating any second thoughts in your mind, in regard to durability or stability of the product, worry not. BikeKit has got its design fully tested through ‘Computer Aided Engineering’ & the test report is available for viewing.

Our modular box is a market disruptor. We are proud to say that our customers not only love our products but have been placing repeat orders as well. This is the biggest testimony to our product’s success.

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