Bikekit® Pizza Delivery Bags

Summer is that time of year when residents in UAE try to avoid leaving the house if at all possible, and this is where home delivery services head in.

People prefer to order food online and eat at home rather than going out in the hot summer.

Pizza is one of the popular foods loved by all. The number of pizza lovers has considerably increased over the last few years. As pizza companies conquering the market with their promotions and offers. A gathering is merely incomplete without a warm pizza served. But the concern when pizza is ordered online is ? Will it arrive fresh and hot?, as nobody likes to eat a cold and stale pizza.

When it comes to food delivery at home, the most important concern is that the food must be served hot and fresh and it should arrive in a minimum time.

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Ensure your pizzas are kept warm, with a Bikekit insulated pizza delivery bag. BikeKit provides the best food delivery bags in UAE which helps you deliver the food at its best and fresh condition. BikeKit supplies high quality pizza delivery bags in UAE which helps you deliver the pizza piping hot to the customers.

Bike Kit delivery is featuring padded insulated panels inside, this bag retains heat and helps keep pizza warmer for longer, which ensures your customers are receiving hot food. The spacious storage capacity of the bag allows you to fit multiple pizzas at a time which helps you cut short your time as well as save money as well.

BikeKit bags are highly durable and the material lasts for a longer time when compared with other bags in the market. The material of the bag is also water resistant, which allows you to deliver the food regardless of the wet weather conditions and ensure your pizzas are kept dry. The opening flap is fixed by Velcro for a secure hold which allows for quick and easy opening, when a few seconds can be very important in a busy restaurant.

BikeKit delivery bags are a complete solution for the pizza delivery services as it protects the food in any weather condition.

Product Features
  • Size 42*42*42
  • Does not absorb moisture
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly durable
Customized Delivery Boxes And Bags In UAE

Delivery bag and box customization is no more a problem. At Bikekit, we customize the designs as per the brand requirement. We customize the size and color as per client? requirement.

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