BikeKit moves with the times: Food delivery boxes on motorcycles

When we hear about an innovative product in the market we not only enquire about it, but we also want to know the inspiration behind it and how it can make our life more comfortable.

BikeKit the name behind a range of unique products has proved again and again that innovation is the key to success. It is an established name in the Last Mile Delivery segment and has strived hard to create innovative solutions in the verticals of Delivery Solutions, Rider Wellness, and Rider Safety. BikeKit is a manufacturer of innovative products and the portfolio comprises lit LED panel boxes and bags, insulated boxes and bags, and plain budget delivery boxes and bags that cater to the B2B industry.

BikeKit has sustainability at its core therefore not only do the in-house designers consciously recycle and reuse material but the bags and boxes are also made in a manner that saves energy and keeps the environment free from pollution.

While all its products are known to be the most durable and designed to carry differently-sized products, the motorcycle delivery box can be used to carry a range of products such as food, medicines, grocery as well as flowers which is the reason for its popularity.

The most revolutionary category, it has three types of unique boxes such as the premium LED backlight box, the LED budget box, and the plain box, which are mounted on a motorbike. Available in multiple sizes, the boxes can be easily customized and given different colors to suit the customer’s requirements. The LED backlight box fitted with LED panels has uniform lighting of 12W which focuses on the branding. So, when the box is lit up, not only is the rider visible from a distance, but when he comes close it is easy to read the tagline, and the contact details of a company printed on the box. Hence it is an extremely effective branding and marketing tool for companies who wish to make an impact but at a lesser cost.

The motorcycle food delivery box is light in weight though the size is large measuring 50cm x 50cm. The good part is that it can take several orders thus saving the riders time and petrol. Also, the boxes have heating or cooling modules so the rider does not have to deal with complaints of the food becoming warm or cold anymore. The box can be used to deliver critical medicines, as the customized EPS insulation and Hard Case Gel Packs will keep the medicines at the right temperature. 

Indeed, a company that cares for its customers always goes the extra mile to keep them satisfied. It is the same with BikeKit as it has hired distributors across the globe to offer after-sales service support and resolve any and every issue or concern felt by the customer.

Now that you have every reason to work with BikeKit, without further ado order multiple delivery boxes today!

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