BikeKit delivery bags are way ahead of the competition

With a focus on offering innovative and practical solutions for Last Mile delivery players, BikeKit has products in the verticals of Delivery Solutions, Rider Safety, and Rider Wellness. At a time when businesses are struggling with financial losses, their unique delivery bags and boxes meet the needs of the food, grocery, medicines, and flower businesses.


Novel LED delivery bag

BikeKit has taken innovation to another level and the LED delivery bag especially is a runway success. The delivery backpack comes with one or more LED backlit panels and can be made as per specifications provided by the client. The 12 V panel can either be connected to the bike’s battery or to a customized power bank supplied by BikeKit. As a branding strategy bags can be made in any colour or size and can also carry logos and contact details of the client. This works very well as where ever the biker goes, the box is lit and readable. Also, it is a safety measure for the rider as he can be seen on a dark road and others can see him, as well.


Insulated delivery bag

BikeKit’s insulated food delivery bags are a technological breakthrough. The bags have layers of fabric and are made in a way that the temperatures remain controlled. As the bags are large in size and measure 42X42X42 cm several items can be stacked in them making it a time and money-saving option as everything reaches a customer in one go. Regular food delivery boxes and bags do not have insulation hence the food is delivered cold and dry to a customer.

 Doubles up as a backpack

The delivery bags can be carried straight thing too is neat and looks highly professional. The food delivery backpack has cushioned and adjustable straps to provide maximum comfort to the rider. The opening flap on the top and side is secured with Velcro to enable the rider to quickly open the bag when he reaches a restaurant to pick up an order. A food delivery backpack can be customized as per a brand’s requirement of name, color, and logo. What’s more, these food delivery bags are also reasonably priced so the restaurants do not have to think much.


Other delivery bag manufacturers do not offer quality delivery bags and it reflects in the fabric used. It is rough and poorly stitched with a tendency to tear as the stitches are not held together properly. They even look dirty and unhygienic. 


Expert designers

BikeKit has a bevy of expert designers based in Dubai who have stretched their imaginations to come up with unique designs for delivery bags. From using eco-friendly and recyclable material to make the bags to fine stitching, one cannot find any fault in them. Hence, it is no surprise that today BikeKit is exporting its delivery bags and boxes to more than 20 countries around the globe.


Other delivery bag manufacturers do not spend any time on the design and aesthetics of the bag and it shows. 


Excellent after-sales service

Not every logistic company has the capacity to offer aftersales service, but BikeKit’s after sales service support is excellent. It offers support through warranty and annual management contracts, and has hired distributors across the world to tend to concerns.


BikeKIt delivery bags are not meant for the faint hearted, but for those seeking 100W visibility and success. The products combine convenience with utility for B2B businesses, and have redefined the method of last-mile delivery. 

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