BikeKit breaks the glass ceiling with food delivery boxes

When BikeKit introduced food delivery boxes and bags there was so much commotion in the market. Buyers were thrilled just looking at the innovation, while competitors wondered why they had not come up with such a brilliant idea! That was 2018!

Today BikeKit is a force to reckon with. An established name it manufactures home delivery boxes and bags and focuses on the requirements of the Last Mile delivery segment. With discerning and different products and services in its portfolio, BikeKit offers tangible solutions in the verticals of Delivery Solutions, Rider Wellness, and Rider Safety. In Delivery Solutions, there is a range of delivery boxes and bags to cater to various industries. 

With a network that spans the globe, BikeKit offers three types of food delivery boxes such as the premium LED backlight box, the LED budget box, and the plain box. Supplying to more than 20 countries around the world the delivery boxes are a game changer and an excellent marketing and branding tool. The food delivery box is mounted on a bike however the in-built LED-backlit panels glow when the rider is out making a delivery. There is a choice of having the box in any color or size and it can have company logos and contact details printed on it so that where ever the biker goes, the box is being read too. 

The plain delivery boxes are without LED panels. Modular in nature they are meant to be assembled by the customer. Available in three sizes of 42cm x 42cm, 45cm x 45 cm, and 52 cm x 52 cm, they are light in weight as UPVC and foam board have been used to make them. 

 BikeKit has ensured that items in the delivery box stay fresh! All the boxes are large enough to stock several orders and have high-grade EPS insulation and Hard Case Gel Packs to maintain the appropriate temperature inside the box. 

Hence food can be enjoyed as it is meant to without zero complaints from a customer about food becoming warm or cold. 

It is clear that sustainability is at the core of the company and it shows in its products, especially when delivering sensitive items such as food, grocery, and medicines. The company’s informed and expert designers in Dubai are making sure they only use recycled material to create boxes and bags so that they do not leave any carbon footprints. BikeKit is an environment-friendly company that cares for its business partners and mother earth. 

BikeKit does a lot of research to help its customers find the best practical solution without wasting time. It will suggest the right delivery box or bag for the business. What’s more the company believes in staying connected with its customers even after the sale has been made. It has distributors around the globe that will take care of the smallest concerns that arise in the delivery boxes or bags. So, once you have handed over the order request to BikeKit you can sit back and relax. 

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