BikeKit bags deliver perfectly warm and juicy pizzas

The global food industry is witnessing a boom. With a jump in the number of restaurants & eateries and the extent of online ordering, the demand for quality delivery bags and boxes has increased manifold. BikeKit, a leading player in the Last Mile Delivery segment working in the verticals of Delivery Solutions, Rider Safety, and Rider Wellness has solutions in each category. For Delivery Solutions, BikeKit has a repertoire of delivery bags and boxes that can be used by the players in the B2B industry. Initially, the company was manufacturing and supplying professional-grade products such as Budget Delivery Boxes, LED Premium Delivery Boxes, LED Bags, and plain delivery bags only in the UAE, but when its popularity reached international shores BikeKit decided to spread its footprints and has now partnered with like-minded companies to be its global distributors.

From its office in Dubai, BikeKit exports its delivery bags and boxes to more than 20 nations today. From the amazing product portfolio, BikeKit’s pizza delivery bag in the UK is the most popular. It is designed and made in Dubai and helped in establishing BikeKit as a company with the most innovative products and SMART services. While pizzas come high on the list of preferred foods in the food industry of UAE, most of the time it is delivered cold and soft. It is in such a condition that one cannot have it! An upgrade in delivery bags and boxes is critical and the wise brands have taken the solutions provided by BikeKit.

When it comes to food delivery at home, the most important concern is that the food must be served hot and fresh and it should arrive in a minimum time. BikeKit’s pizza bags are highly innovative as they have padded insulated panels which help the bag retain heat to keep pizzas warmer for longer. The spacious storage capacity of 42x42x42 cm allows you to fit multiple pizzas at a time which helps save time, money, and transit time. What’s more, these food delivery bags are reasonably priced!

BikeKit bags are highly durable and the material lasts for a longer time when compared with other bags in the market. The material is water resistant, which allows you to deliver the food during monsoon and it is easy to clean. The Velcro flaps allow for quick and easy opening. The overall look including the stitching is highly professional.

Also, BikeKit pizza bags can be customized as per a brand’s requirement of size, color, specifications, and so on. Today BikeKit is a global company and if one is in the UK and looking for a delivery box and bag supplier, BikeKit can be of great help. A renowned manufacturer and one of the best pizza delivery bags in the UK, BikeKit is the ultimate innovator in the space.

Thus it would make immense sense to look up BikeKit and make your order today!

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