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The last-mile delivery business is witnessing a boom like never before. As a result, many new players have entered this sector and are delivering a host of things, from food to medicines, to groceries, etc. The competition amongst the last-mile delivery players is heating up & hence it becomes difficult to differentiate yourself from others. BikeKit, a leading player in providing products & services to last-mile delivery companies, is here to offer you some amazing solutions:

Read below to know how to differentiate your company from others in the UK.


LED Delivery boxes help you with brand recall


BikeKit’s modular LED delivery box is one of the best investments for delivering food fresh and hot. Delivery boxes with Backlit LED lighting, attract customers and are a great mode of advertisement for your brand. Our Motorcycle Delivery Box come with three LED Panels which can help you put your message out & loud for people to see. Not only does it help in branding, but it also enhances the safety of your riders, making them clearly visible at night time.


Smart Helmets to enhance rider safety


Another great asset for the last mile delivery companies is our product ‘Smart Helmet.’ The Smart helmets with camera are the need of the hour & have been designed keeping in mind the safety of bike riders.

Typically, a delivery executive will need to use GPS for navigation and attend phone calls on the go. The built-in electronic components like the Bluetooth chip module help the riders carry out these tasks with ease.


Delivery Bags


BikeKit’s delivery bags are made from 1680 Oxford fabric, with the best quality stitching & accessories. Our bags are durable & can last for at least 6 months, despite heavy usage. We can also add LED Panel to the delivery bag, which can help you put your branding & increase visibility.


Solution for Cold Delivery


BikeKit can provide high-grade EPS insulation coupled with ice bricks, which are custom made for Motorcycle Delivery Box or bags. By using this solution, you can maintain a temperature of 4-5*C throughout the day, thus helping you to deliver cold beverages, ice-creams, or even medicines safely & rightly to the customers.


You’re Profit Growth Partner


BikeKit aspires to be a ‘profit growth partner,’ for its customers. Our mission is to deliver world-class products & services, customized as per the need, which can enable you to do more business & grow your revenues. Our core foundation is Expertise, Trust, and Warmth & Range. We believe in delivering the right products to our customers using the 50+ Years of experience of our team members, building trust by under-promising & over-delivering, and providing excellent customer service.

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